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Bar Stools

Bar Stools


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Bar Stools

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Contemporary: This style bridges the gap between traditional and modern, and uses simple and clean lines with smooth surfaces without any carving or adornment. Color palette relies heavily on brown, taupe, cream and pure white. Natural fabrics such as silk, wool, linen and cotton are used for their textural aspect and inherent neutral hues.

Ethnic: This style showcases furniture and patterns that are typically found in the Middle East, Asia or Africa and may be specific to a region or country such as Morocco or India. These will often feature bold colours in geometric designs or native themes. Natural woods such as Mango may be used.

French: French classical furniture is characterised by curved, ornate lines and painted finishes that are often distressed to give an antique appearance. Pieces often have delicate carving detail, handles or ornamentation. The colour palette is characterised by white, cream, pale blue polished wood and gold.

Glam: Glam style is characterised by a glamorous and sophisticated feel that conveys decadence. There is a lot of chrome, glass, gloss, mirrors and shiny fabrics, as well as bold, geometric patterns and strong shapes or outlines.

Industrial: Practical and minimalist, industrial style is all about clean lines and raw materials. Industrial spaces often incorporate these three elements: metal, wood, and exposed or weathered features, such as bricks. Simple with reclaimed items. This style can combine a modern look with a rustic appeal.

Modern: This style is characterised by use of tubular steel, plastic, laminated plywood, fibreglass and leather. Clean lines, angular designs, under-decorated and minimalistic pieces are typical. Colour palette features black, white and greys with injections of bold block colours and abstract motifs. Lighting is industrial looking. Textiles will be plain and made of natural materials.

Nautical: This style draws inspiration from the seaside and coastal themes. As a result the palette is made up of cool blues, whites, sandy neutrals and grey metals. Crisp cotton and linen fabrics, bold stripes, beadboard, unfinished metal, rope and reclaimed wood are the main elements. Motifs such as shells, coral, sea life, and nautical instruments finish the look.

Rustic: Rustic furniture is always wooden, either stained, oiled or unfinished. Can look like it was made out of actual logs or chunky pieces of wood with the grain clearly showing. Often has a rugged appearance. Other pieces will use country themes such as farm or wild animals and produce and use woven materials or rusty metals. Palette is made up of natural, earthy colours.

Scandinavian: Scandinavian style is characterised by natural materials, and a colour palette of white and light, blonde woods. Furniture will be functional and minimalistic, showcasing simple, clean lines and shapes. Lighting is often constructed with a plain metal. Textiles and accents in this style will show a folk influence with chunky knits, light furs, felt, gingham or small, brightly coloured prints on white.

Traditional: Traditional pieces are often made of dark or polished wood with carved detailing forming smooth shapes and lines around tops and legs. Items will typically have a the shape of classical furniture and have a quality, heavy feel to them. Soft furnishings will feature traditional designs such as damask or floral prints and often have tassels. Similar carved styles will be seen on traditional bathroom taps and fixtures, as well as the use of ceramic detailing.

Vintage: Vintage pieces are reproductions of furniture or decor designed to create a feeling of nostalgia. Decorative accents often feature authentic eye- catching graphics and designs, often with a distressed or faded finish to make them look aged and worn around the edges. Furniture will often be decorative, with carvings or painting featuring natural themes such as flowers, birds or animals in a classical style. Seating follows rounded shapes with soft leather, woven seats or printed fabric on a traditional frame. Bright colours are uncommon.
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