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A place to relax, unwind and enjoy a well-deserved sleep, the bedroom is hugely important to the house and we recognise the value of having its interiors match your style and requirements. From wooden bed frames, leather bed frames, divan beds and more to wardrobes, chests of drawers, mattresses, bedding and the rest; our bedroom furniture collection guarantees something for every taste and budget.

If you’re confident about the overall look you’d like, mix and match different pieces to create your own personal style or alternatively, opt for a bedroom set for an easy, coordinated interior look. Either way, you’ll need the following bedroom furniture essentials:

Beds: The focal point of your bedroom, the bed sets the tone for the rest of the interiors. Wooden bed frames promise a classic, timeless look, while metal bed frames and leather bed frames achieve a style more contemporary. On top of these, we also provide a fantastic selection of divan beds, children’s beds, bunk beds, guest beds, sofa beds, cot beds, headboards, mattresses and more.

Chests of Drawers: Style meets function with a chest of drawers, and no matter how much storage you require, we have the perfect chest for you. Browse from traditional wooden styles and contemporary glass and metal designs to find the one for you.

Wardrobes: No bedroom would be complete without a wardrobe. Ideal for keeping trousers, suits and dressers wrinkle-free, our wardrobe collection combines double-door wooden wardrobes, mirrored four-door wardrobes, single wardrobes and more, to provide the best choice and selection for your home.

Bedside Tables: If you’re prone to a spot of bedtime reading, a bedside table is a must. Ideal for keeping everything within easy reach and integral to tying your overall bedroom look together, our side tables come in a range of different designs and finishes to ensure you find the perfect one for your home.

Headboards: Bringing an extra focal point to the bedroom, headboards make sitting up in bed a much more comfortable experience. Opt for a plush, upholstered headboard to improve the ease of reading and watching television in bed or favour a bookcase headboard if you require extra storage. From classic woods to metal wrought iron headboards and more, we have the perfect headboard for every home, taste and bed size.

Unsure about which bed and mattress you need? Confused about different headboards? Check out our Bedroom Buying Guides to learn more and shop with confidence.

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