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Home Zone Kelly Bunk Bed - Finish: Maple & White
Home Zone Kelly Bunk Bed
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    Standard: These are your traditional bunk beds, featuring one bed directly over another.

    Futon Bunk: This design features a lofted bed, with a futon below rather than a second bed.

    Short Bunk Beds: A single sized bunk bed, but shorter than a standard single- fits small single mattress rather than standard single.

    Loft: This design sleeps just one, featuring a single bed, high lofted off the ground.

    L-Shaped Bunk Beds: With this design, one bed is lofted with the lower bunk perpendicular to the top bunk.

    Triple Sleeper: These bunk beds consist of three beds instead of the traditional two.

    Low Loft: Designed with younger kids in mind, these bunk or loft beds that are closer to the ground than a regular bunk bed.

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    Traditional: A classic design, these wardrobes might look like a family heirloom. Details like curled metal, ornate handles, marble tops, and other details are signature elements of this style.These pieces are often constructed from darker polished woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak.

    Modern/Contemporary: Designed with clean lines, industrial elements, high gloss finishes and bold colour elements, this style is known for its underlying simplicity of shape combined with an attention to both form and function. The style often has combines strong geometric shapes and symmetry, with bold simple shapes.

    Simple/Casual: These wardrobes have simple, standard, clean design, without any ornate detailing.

    Rustic: Inspired by nature, these wardrobes have a design that is reminiscent of country living. Featuring stained, oiled, or unfinished wood finishes-most often with a pine or light oak finishes. Often quite chunk, sturdy, plain and focused on function.

    French: This style is inspired by French Chateau or Country styles. French wardrobes generally have a painted or distressed finish that give these pieces a vintage antique appearance. In general, these come in light colors.
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