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Landscape Lighting

Landscape Lighting


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Landscape Lighting

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Deck Light: Deck Lights run flush to the ground or deck, allowing light to shine directly upwards.

Garden Light: Garden lights are designed to be placed in a garden or garden water feature for decorative light. They may be plain spotlights, but can also be ornate, nature themed, or novelty. This can also include underwater/submersible lights.

Path Light: These lights are designed to light up a pathway - it will usually be low to the ground. The lighting will usually be ambient and aimed downwards.

Pond Light: These lights are meant to be mounted underwater in a pond or pool.

Rope Light: Rope lights are a string of lights that look like a rope.

Spike Light: These lights come with a spike on the bottom so it can be driven into the ground or lawn. The lights are almost always spotlights or floodlights and aimed upwards.

Step Light: Step lights are designed to be installed on or next to stairs for lighting, they are usually recessed lighting.

Torch Light: Torch lights have a torch like shape to them.

   Light Type
Industrial & Commercial: This style is characterised by use of tubular steel, plastic, exposed wood, fibreglass and leather. Clean lines, angular designs, under-decorated and minimalistic pieces ar typical. Colour palette features black, white and greys with injections of bold block colours and abstract motifs.

Modern: Modern fixtures have clean lines, and are sculptural and streamlined. They are often available in metallic finishes such as nickels and chromes and bold colours.

Traditional: This style is based on classic historic design models, and is characteristically ornate, and orderly. Curved and looping shapes as well as a large amount of scroll work and heavy details are of indicate a Traditional piece of lighting. Brass, iron, and hand-painted wood often appears in this style category. Traditional lighting is grand, dramatic, incorporating old world flair. Often has black, white, brass, nickel or dark finishes. Decorative rather than functional and simple.

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