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Illuminate your home with these highly qualitative and functional pendant lights! We've got a great selection of all kinds of pendant lights that will surely impress!
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Bowl Pendant: A Bowl or Inverted Pendant has a shade that is bowl or half moon shape. The opening of the shade faces upward or downward.

Drum Pendant: This pendant has a shade that is shaped like a drum. The shade has a circular base but a short cylindrical shape.

Globe Pendant: This pendant has a shade shaped like a globe. The shade shape will be completely round/circular, often times hiding the light bulb.

Foyer Pendant: A foyer pendant is identified by often having a sort of cage of either bars or glass around the light.

Kitchen Island Pendant: Kitchen Island Pendants consists of two or more mini pendants that are positioned in a line.

Mini Pendant: Mini Pendant ceiling lights are small pendant lights with typically one light. Mini pendants have a miniature shade, and typically come with glass shades pointing downward.

Modern This style is characterized by use of tubular steel, plastic, laminated plywood, fiber glass and leather. Clean lines, angular designs, under-decorated and minimalistic pieces are typical. Colour palette features black, white and greys with injections of bold block colours and abstract motifs. Lighting is industrial looking. Textiles will be plain and made of natural materials.

Traditional This style is based on classic historic design models, and is characteristically ornate, and orderly. Curved and looping shapes as well as a large amount of scrolls and heavy details are characteristic of Traditional lighting. Brass, iron, and hand- painted wood often appears in this style category. Colonial, French Country and Neo-Classical design ideals are blended in this lighting style.

Tiffany This style refers to the stained glass technique invented by Louis Comfort Tiffany. Typically found in lighting or windows, Tiffany fixtures feature coloured, etched and hand-painted stained glass. Tiffany pieces are very ornate and vibrant. They often feature designs depicting themes of nature including floral motifs or images of fruits and trees.

Designer Very trendy lights.

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