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Plasma TV Stands

Plasma TV Stands


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Plasma TV Stands

Display your new plasma television on one of our highly qualitative plasma TV stands! We've got a vast selection of TV stands in various different colors and dimensions. Browse through our collection to find the right one for you!
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9 cm 400 cm

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2 cm 222 cm

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Traditional: A classic design, these TV stands might look like a family heirloom. These pieces are often constructed from darker polished woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak, and may feature ornate details.

Modern/Contemporary: Designed with clean lines, industrial elements, high gloss finishes and bold colour elements, this style is known for its underlying simplicity of shape combined with an attention to both form and function. The style often has combines strong geometric shapes and symmetry, with bold simple shapes.

Simple/Casual: These TV stands have simple, standard, clean designs, without any ornate detailing.

Rustic: Inspired by nature, these TV stands have a design that is reminiscent of country living. Featuring stained, oiled, or unfinished wood finishes-most often with a pine or light oak finishes. Often quite chunk, sturdy, plain and focused on function.

6 cm 134 cm

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Integrated Brackets: Brackets for mounting a flat panel television are either included or built into the TV stand. Made in Britain: TV stands built in the United Kingdom. Swivel Stands: TV stands that can swivel to face or angle different directions. Lift System: The TV Stand is equipped with technology that allows the TV to completely recess into the console, and rise in to view. Cabinets: TV stands that feature cabinets with doors for storage of components and media. Drawers: TV stands that feature drawers that can be used for media storage. Glass Doors:TV Stands that feature cabinets with glass panes. Hand Painted: These TV stands have a hand painted design element. Corner: TV stands that have a design that makes them suitable for a corner space. Cable Management: Select this option if TV stand has a cable management system, any way to organize or hide cables. Adjustable Shelves: These stands have shelves that can adjust variable heights. Media Storage: These TV stands feature specifically designed spaces to store multimedia such as cds, videos, dvds, etc. Standard Tube TVs: TV stands that are recommended for a standard television. These are generally older, larger models, and not flat screen.
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