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Posts & Bollards


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Posts & Bollards

Light up your pathways with our bollards! These bollard lights will ensure that your outdoor paths will never be enveloped in darkness again. Choose from several different styles, from traditional to modern!
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Designer Post Lanterns : These lights have been designed by some of the top names in the industry.

Industrial & Commercial: This style is characterised by use of tubular steel, plastic, exposed wood, fibreglass and leather. Clean lines, angular designs, under-decorated and minimalistic pieces are typical. Colour palette features black, white and greys with injections of bold block colours and abstract motifs.

Modern : Modern fixtures have clean lines, and are sculptural and streamlined. They are often available in metallic finishes such as nickels and chromes and bold colours.

Traditional : This style is based on classic historic design models, and is characteristically ornate, and orderly. Curved and looping shapes as well as a large amount of scroll work and heavy details are of indicate a Traditional piece of lighting. Brass, iron, and hand-painted wood often appears in this style category.

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