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For those times when you need to provide ...
For those times when you need to provide ...
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Small Single: Bed is intended for use with a Small Single mattress or headboard. 2.6ft width.

Single: Bed is intended for use with a Single mattress or headboard. 3ft Width.

Small Double: Bed is intended for use with a Small Double mattress or headboard. 4ft Width.

Double: Bed is intended for use with a Double mattress or headboard. 4ft 6inch Width.

King: Bed is intended for use with a King mattress or headboard. 5ft Width.

Super King: Bed is intended for use with a Super King mattress or headboard. 6ft Width.
Casual/Simple: Beds that are designed for everyday use, often simple in design.

French: Beds that are painted and/or distressed to give a vintage or antique appearance. Designs are often inspired by French Chateau or Country styles.

Contemporary: Beds with a clean look, in-line with current trends. Contemporary Beds pull from both traditional and Modern influences.

Modern: Beds with clean lines. Known for an underlying simplicity of shape combined with an attention to both form and function. Modern Beds often combine strong geometric shapes and symmetry, with bold simple colours.

Traditional: Beds with a classical design, usually wooden and polished, made from woods such as mahogany, cherry and oak.

Rustic: Beds that are always wooden, either stained, oiled or unfinished. Typically made from Pine or Oak, Rustic Beds are sturdy, plain and practical.
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