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Table Lamps

Table Lamps


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Table Lamps

We've around 2,000 table lamps to choose from, so whether it’s a reading lamp by a sofa, a bedside lamp or a decorative lamp to add mood to a room, our aim is to give you choice. There are a number of options to think about in choosing your table lamp, for instance whether you'd like the switch on a cord or you'd prefer a touch lamp, or whether you'd like it to be tall and imposing or discreet. Whatever your preferences do use our filters on the left to help you choose the perfect table lamp for you. We can also deliver most of the lamps next day for free!
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Arched Lamp: These lamps have an arching body/structure/base or features a stem or base that arcs in a half circle. This type of lamp provides an over head light that is great for task lighting.

Console and Buffet Lamp: These lamps are lamps that have a tall, slender body that is more narrow than a standard table lamp. They are primarily used on sofa-back tables, console and buffet tables, in entryways or on mantels.

Desk Lamps: These lamps are used to provide adequate lighting for a work area or reading space. Swing arm lamps often fall into the desk lamp category as well as banker and pharmacy lamps.

Standard Lamps: These lamps feature traditional designs. They don't fall into any of the other table lamp categories and their main function is to provide adequate lighting to any living area.

Torchiere Lamp: These lamps feature a tall,slender body with an upward facing shade that resembles that of a torch.
Modern / Contemporary: Clean lines, sculptural, streamlined, metallic finishes such as nickels and chromes, bold colors characterize these light fixtures. Contemporary pieces feature neutral elements, geometric shapes and symmetry.
Oriental: Asian inspired in design.
Rustic: Distressed/outdoor look.
Tiffany: Tiffany glass is made from several panels of colorful stained glass, that when pieced together, create a beautiful work of art or a mosaic picture. Often times the pictures created from the Tiffany form the image of something specific – perhaps a flower, dragonfly, butterfly, etc. The base of Tiffany lamps is usually decorative in an antique or bronze finish.
Traditional: This style is based on classic, historic design models, and is characteristically ornate, and orderly. Curved and looping shapes as well as a large amount of scrolls and heavy details are characteristic of Traditional lighting. Brass, iron, and hand-painted wood often appears in this style category. Traditional lighting is grand and dramatic and is often showy, incorporating old world flair. Colonial, French Country and Neo-Classical design ideals are blended in this lighting style. Classic in style.
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