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Track Lighting

Track Lighting


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Track Lighting

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Heads:rack heads are short, typically adjustable, and mostly directional light fixtures that attach directly to a track system. They do not hang down low from the track. Most track heads have an adjustable arm that allows the fixture to pivot, and allows the light flow to move around and highlight a specific object, or wash a wall.

Pendants:Track pendants will connect directly to the track power feed. They are usually more decorative than track heads and look just like ceiling pendants.

Tracks:Track rails can be double or 2-circuit rails, or single circuit or monorails. They can also be either low voltage or line voltage. Track rails can be either rigid or straight, or they can be bendable or flexible.

Kits:Track Kits are additional items a track lighting set would need in order to function properly. Some items may include: track, track heads, and supports. If the track system is low voltage, system would also require a transformer.

Cable Lighting: Cable lighting is a variation of Track Lighting where the fixtures are hung from two uninsulated cables which carry low voltage. The cables are mounted directly into walls.

Monorail Lighting: Monorail Lighting is very similar to track lighting. Lights are attached to a powered track but the track itself can usually be bent or can be configured in different positions.

Track Lighting: Tracking lighting is a metal track affixed to the ceiling where light fixtures are attached.

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Contemporary: Contemporary styles has clean lines, sculptural furnishings, streamlined functional appearance, and metallic finishes such as nickels and chromes, sometimes bold colors characterize these light fixtures. This lighting style is known for its underlying simplicity of line, shape, form, and attention to practical functions as compared to the dramatic and lavish appearances of Traditional furniture styles. Contemporary pieces feature neutral elements, geometric shapes and symmetry. The inspiration for these light fixtures is drawn from manufacturing, architecture and organic forms.

Traditional: This style is based on classic historic design models, and is characteristically ornate, and orderly. Curved and looping shapes as well as a large amount of scrolls and heavy details are characteristic of Traditional lighting. Brass, iron, and hand-painted wood often appears in this style category. Traditional lighting is grand and dramatic – much more sthan Transitional lighting. Traditional lighting is often showy, incorporating old world flair. Colonial, French Country and Neo-Classical design ideals are blended in this lighting style.

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