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Decorative: Mirrors used for decorative purposes in a hallway, entryway or living area.

Wall: Mirrors meant to be hung on or mounted to a wall.

Floor / Cheval: Mirrors that are full length and freestanding that are placed on the floor.

Leaner: Large mirrors meant to be displayed on the floor leaning up against a wall.

Sets: Products comes with more than 1 mirror.

Bar: Mirror has integrated storage for glassware and is intended for use in a bar area or recreational room.
5 cm 250 cm

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1 cm 245 cm

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0 cm 160 cm

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A Children's Mirror is specifically designed for children and not meant for adult use.

A Contemporary/Modern Mirror has a modern look, with an underlying simplicity of shape combined with an attention to both form and function. The style often has combines strong geometric shapes and symmetry.

A Gothic Mirror is typically characterized by pointed arches and overly ornate design.

A Oriental Mirror is a mirror that use bamboo or rattan materials.

A Simple/Casual Mirror Casual is a standard, clean look of current furniture and does not fit in the other style types. Normally comes in solid colors and will not have ornate detailing.

A Traditional Mirror is characterized by balanced symmetry, classic lines, and an overall identifiable look. These mirrors are very ornate and look like antiques

A Tropical/Exotic Mirror has an island look or is made from bamboo, teak or driftwood.

Venetian Mirrors are defined by richly designed, mirrored borders. The designs include long lines and sweeping arches, and intricate detailing achieved by processes such as etching. They often incorporate delicate ornate rosettes. Check product name and description before selecting this attribute

French refers to furniture that is painted and/or distressed to give a vintage or antique appearance. Designs are often inspired by French Chateau or Country styles.

Select this option if the mirror is casual and unpretentious. Almost exclusively light and warm colored woods, this can be thought of having “rustic class”. Often containing a period flavor, this style is both rustic and romantic with graceful curves and comfortable style. The finish is often distressed.

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