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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Gatecrashing a crow funeral


I’m back on the running.  I got back up to 5k last week and it was actually pretty enjoyable, apart from gatecrashing a crow funeral.  Yes, after outing myself as a bit of a twitcher here a few weeks ago (yeah, I know, I am so cool), I thought a bird related tangent would be appropriate.

So this ‘storytelling’ of crows, that’s the collective noun, or alternatively a ‘murder’ of crows. Best collective nouns I have ever come across.  They were making a murderous racket in the trees as I jogged along the river, flapping and squarking, and then I saw why. One of the ‘murder’ lay dead on the ground.  I heard a ‘tiding’ of magpies grieve once, (I’m loving these bird related collective nouns), suddenly there was a terrifying clattering and squarking across my roof, and when I looked down at the road outside, one of them had been hit by a car.

Cowering in my attic office, terrified by the phenomenal noise, I googled ‘magpie funerals’. I found a reference to Dr Marc Bekoff who claims that magpies have funeral rituals, they even lay ‘wreaths’ of grass alongside their dead. Amazing hey?

Back to jogging. I slowed down as I passed the crow funeral, paid my respects and then legged it, because to be honest the noise and the flapping was starting to remind me of a Hitchcock film.

I also think it is time to invest in some new kit.  My jogging bottoms are falling down again, just a little bit, hurrah.  I’ve read the research that suggests the amount people spend on kit is inversely proportional to the amount of exercise they do, but I’m hardly Miss Sports Clothing UK.  Joggers that don’t fall down, and tops that aren’t XL t shirts from trade shows Mr A has been to would do just fine. Trainers don’t last long when you’re running, I can feel my shins starting to niggle which usually means it’s time for a trainer pit stop.  I’m coveting some old skool purple adidas running shoes.

And my Dad keeps gently dropping mention of half marathons.  He knows it won’t take that much more convincing.  My next door neighbour is going for the Robin Hood one in Nottingham, another person trying to twist my arm.  Anyone know where/when I can do one for a cancer or third world charity?

Image credit Richard Carter

3 thoughts on “Gatecrashing a crow funeral

  • Ali

    Wow super impressed by your running. Perhaps that is where I am going wrong and not investing in ‘the kit’.

    I am currently rocking a injured inner thigh from my ‘secret street crew’ dance session with Bex!!!

  • Babes about Town

    Race for Life? It’s great that you’re on the run, I need to get back in the hoop which was my mini fitness/fun obsession.

    Loving those collective nouns too, I’d heard of a ‘murder of crows’ but a ‘storytelling of crows’ is infinitely more charming.

    V. enjoyable read, as always x


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