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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Tips to enhance your creativity

What’s the difference between a creative person and a non creative person? The answer is nothing. Well, okay, there might be one or two habits people who are labelled ‘creative’ have developed that make them successful. Let me spill the beans.

I went to a creativity event in Nottingham a few months back where creatives ranging from architects to authors and from fashion designers to web designers shared their road to creativity.  Here are some of the top tips I collected on enhancing your creativity:

1.  Record your ideas, whether it be by dictaphone, notebook, sketch pad or phone, whatever you do, get them down as they occur to you.  You will forget them otherwise, no matter how brilliantly they seem to burn at the time.

2.  Use social media as a sounding board.  Simeon Hartwig, the designer behind Bantam clothes uses social media to check out responses to new ideas.  Just like bloggers often use Twitter or facebook to pose questions.

3.  Say No.  Focus on the projects that really excite you.

4.  Spend a few minutes in nature every day. Sounds corny, but my best ideas come the minute I step out of my front door after a morning sitting stuck at my desk.

5. Nurture your inner child and learn from children, who aren’t afraid to write, draw, improvise and invent freely.  Visualising your ideas is powerful.  Ricky from Livescribes, who help people and businesses do just that, got us drawing each other.

I accidentally gave my friends beards. So I scribbled them out.  How did drawing get so icky as a grown up?

6.  Problem solve.  Creativity isn’t an ability, talent or gift, creativity is finding the solutions to the obstacles in your path.

7.  Places can spark your creativity.  Author Nicola Monaghan uses the example of moving back to her hometown of Nottingham as the catalyst for her career as a writer.  But, you don’t have to move, just visit, or revisit.

8.  Say Yes.  Don’t be afraid to try something, to ‘drive in the dark’.  You don’t always need to know where you are going.

9.  Don’t be afraid of limited resources.  Hartwig’s best design came the day he forgot his materials and was forced to improvise with the I heart NY t shirt off his back.  He graffiitised it to say I heart Notts and it sold, lots.

10.  It helps to surround yourself with other people who are open to creative journeys.

Good Luck, enjoy the journey.

Picture credit – © Fabricio Simeoni De Sousa | Dreamstime.com

13 thoughts on “Tips to enhance your creativity

  • Ali

    Great tips 🙂 I am a big fan of outdoors and yes always have my best thoughts whilst walking the dogs. Some of my yummiest meals come from day’s I don’t think I got anything to use ( I am using food as materials here!) in fact I planned a blog post on just that!!!

    Finding your creativity opens up so much more for you, we all have a creative side it not always obvious but it’s there 🙂

    Will be checking out the tips link x

  • Lisa

    At the beginning of March, my husband and I went to Offset 2012, a design conference in Dublin. As a writer, I felt a little out of place among all the design types in attendance! But the whole experience was fantastic. I felt inspired and felt my creativity invigorated for weeks afterwards. I think it’s great to expose your mind to ideas from people who think differently to you, and I definitely agree with number 10 on your list, that surrounding yourself with people who are open to creative journeys is good for your own creativity.

  • Babes about Town

    Brilliant post, Penny, very helpful and really makes me think about a lot of the projects I’m starting or about to delve into and where I really want to take them, what fits with me creatively. Sounds like a great event!


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