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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

How to be a Superhero

You may have been following the Avenger’s themed fun I have been having over the last few weeks, with Kodak’s Avenger’s Assemble free printables.  We’ve been making masks, flagging up amazing prizes with Kodak and Britmums and making a super hero city in a box.  It all had to end at some point. But hey, let’s go out with a bang right? Let’s do it. Let’s be superheros.  You could win £500, or a fab Kodak printer.

Superhero Walkie Talkies

Playing Superheros is a great way to encourage young children to be helpful and to encourage active play. The free and easy to use Kodak Avengers Assemble printables: masks, superhero name badges will make the experience all the more authentic. But what better to encourage teamwork and communication skills than a superhero walkie talkie? You can assign powerful lasers to the buttons, call up the Hulk for back up and report in for duty.

To start with you will need a small box, a pipe cleaner, coloured card or paper and some shiny wrapping paper or tinfoil. I printed off two sheets of Avengers Assembled free printables, from the Kodak website, the name labels and some fold figures for decoration.

Assembling everything you need to make an Avenger’s Assembled Walkie Talkie

Then Miss L got to work covering the box with shiny paper and sticking a piece of foam to the front to build the controls on:

Then we decided what buttons to have, she wanted to be able to make calls, rescue the universe and find her way home:

I decided I want to call the Incredible Hulk for back up, and possibly Capatain America and the Iron Man, so my walkie talkie developed multiple screens. Miss L wanted everyone to know she was Cat Woman the Black Widow, so stuck a picture of her on the back:

I would be tempted to cover these in sticky back plastic to make them robust enough to cope with the superhuman play strength of superkids. Apart from that, job done, here’s one I made earlier!

Making a Superhero Entrance

Once you’ve got your mask, walkie talkie and found an old blanket/shirt/pilowcase to make a cape, you’re good to go.  Almost. Making an entrance as a superhero is an essential component on the job description, whether you disappear in human form and find a phone box to change in, fly in, explode in, crash in or mysteriously appear ninja like, from nowhere/the shadows/a cloud of dust.

Five superhero entrances kids will love rehearsing:

1. Flying in  – aka jumping off the sofa

2 Rolling in – stunt rolls a plenty

3 Sneaking in – aka stealth walking.

4 Exploding in – jumping out from behind a door/ sofa.

5 Ninja like -combine all four of the above into one grand entrance.

Trainee Superheros will also be keen to know they can protect their headquarters with Avengers Assemble printable doorhangers.

Avengers Assemble Printable door hangers from Kodak

Don’t forget to head over to the Britmums Kodak Avengers linky to find out how you can win £500 or 1 of 3 Kodak Hero 7.1 printers and ink, just by posting a photo of your child/family/self as an Avenger.

Follow #KodakAvengers for more super, heroic, crafty fun.

I am an ambassador for the BritMums #KodakAvengers project, sponsored by Kodak. I was paid for this post. I’m not eligible to win the competition, but you are 😉

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