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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Discover the Awesome World of Books

You know when children make sudden leaps in their thirst for knowledge that require you to furnish them with information quickly? Well, this week my attention was drawn to an excellent value Miles Kelly Discover the Awesome World iBook, a collaboration with the Discovery Channel. Don’t worry if you don’t have an iPad though, I’ve found a competition, plus some really good value Miles Kelly books which would make great Christmas gifts and stocking fillers.

Now L has started Year 1 her head can’t seem to absorb enough facts and information. She wants to know about how bodies process food, how long it takes to get to space, which animals live in Africa, what the Victorians invented, how tall she might be when she grows up.

I keep finding myself saying, ‘Ask Daddy’, or ‘Let me look that up’, when really what we need to do is introduce lots more non-fiction into our reading together. So being invited to review an eBook was a perfect challenge for me.

Discover the Awesome World iBook is a really enjoyable way to discover together, because rather than waiting for me to Google an answer, or find a suitable You Tube video, L and I worked through the multi touch eBook learning together. It is good value at £2.99.

The content is simpler than the physical book, which I was also sent to review, a ‘multi-touch’ book means it features slider picture shows, close up sections and videos, perfect for children like L, who are learning to read, but equally effective for independent readers, in that they can interact with the awesome world and make it come alive.

Mr G, who is 3, enjoyed making the emperor penguin video work and scrolling through the amazing images in the penguin photograph gallery.  A great introduction to interactive media and a fun reading experience for a boy who is always on the go.

Miles Kelly also have a great range of soft and hardback books including the jam-packed, bumper hard-back, Discover the Awesome World, at just £10.99.

I was sent some of these Miles Kelly books to review. They are all arranged by age on the website, they are also organised into series so you can easily find an appropriate level of information for your child. I love the first questions and answer series, at £3.59, which should answer many of Miss L’s recent questions, like:

I also loved the Junior Encyclopaedia, £9 and My First Animal Questions and Answers both of which have come with attractive holographic covers and a lovely mix of bite size facts, cartoon and photographic illustration:

Miles Kelly do a series of 100, 500 and much more comprehensive fact books. Over 1000 Fantastic Earth Facts, £8.99 is more complex, but definitely an easy one to dip into as the facts are numbered and bite-size, and sure to keep older children engrossed over the holidays.

I have been despairing recently of some modern chapter books L found in the library full of stinky pink, substance less tales of mermaids and princesses so it was refreshing to see the magical stories collections featuring renowned authors such as Rudyard Kipling, the Brothers Grimm, Joseph Jacobs and Andrew Lang at only £3.59 for 4 stories.

Miles Kelly books are available online and also sold through The Works outlets. There are also sticker books, science experiments, how to draw guides, flip quizzes, 5 minute stories and lots of great value larger collections of themed bedtime stories.

I’m off to create an easily accessible non fiction book shelf in the living room, and have promised we’ll check out volcanoes via the eBook.

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