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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

KidKraft Let’s Cook Together Kitchen

KidKraft Let's Cook Together KitchenA sneak preview of the rather awesome KidKraft Let’s Cook Together Kitchen which is now assembled and hiding away from the kids ready for Christmas day. This started as review and then took me to some places I had forgotten…

The sterling test of a toy like this, is in the construction. My benchmark as a parent is the Sindy house my Dad bought as a Christmas present for me but never gave me. He took it back to the shop and swapped it for a wooden doll’s house because when it came to assembling it, he felt it was too flimsy. That love of minimalism, wood and well crafted things has stuck by me, and although I do occasionally check the prices of vintage Sindy houses on eBay, wooden toys still make me happiest.

As a child I always coveted my friend’s wooden kitchen set and washing machine, this takes me back there. Apart from the washing machine, dishwasher and cooker, I love all the modern features, the phone, the water cooler, the microwave. Lots to inspire creative play, and encourage children to play alongside each other without disagreements.

There’s plenty of room to properly store their play food and tea sets and the doors click shut like real cupboard doors. I love that the whole thing can’t be tipped over, dragged up the stairs and turned into a space rocket like the old plastic one we had, more on that later.

I won’t lie, Mr A and I put a few hours into assembling this, (but Mr A did say say he had to redo the bits I screwed up because I am am too impatient). Even me of little patience found the parts were extremely well packed and organised and the instructions are really clear. It’s worth the effort for something as robust, beautiful and well designed as this.

Dad often wishes he had stuck to his guns and bought Miss L a wooden kitchen instead of the plastic one which now sits sad, cracked and doorless at the end of the garden. But it was bought when mum was ill and there was little time to shop around. I will be glad to say goodbye to it, I think think the KidKraft Let’s Cook Together Kitchen will bring lots of smiles to us all this Christmas

I think we have another year before Miss L outgrows this, and maybe two for Mr G, but right now I am really keen they continue to role play and to play together and this seems like the perfect gift to encourage that. A friend suggested I put notebooks and aprons in their Christmas stockings so they can play cafes.

In conclusion we love the KidKraft Let’s Cook Together Kitchen. It’s available with free next day delivery at £136.99.

Thanks to Kids Playstore for the opportunity to review one of their brilliant kids wooden kitchens. The red retro and Prairie kitchens are also beautiful.

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