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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Residence Interviews: The Real Hustle’s Paul Wilson


Endsleigh Insurance gave me the fantastic opportunity to pose a question to their new Head of Gadget Safety, The Real Hustle’s Paul Wilson. I didn’t know much about the man behind the BBC3 TV show, but as you might expect, he is a fascinating character.

Born in Cyprus, raised in Singapore and Scotland, Paul attended Art School but dropped out at 18 to join the British Army Intelligence Corps.

By 20 he had left the Army due to injury and was living in London working as a magician and street entertainer during the day, and a casino hustler at night.

Paul then worked as a computer programmer for some of Europe’s largest financial companies, where he learnt some of the tricks of the computer hacker. His knowledge of computers helped him develop an ingenious (but illegal) system for predicting where a roulette ball would land.

He now works on the right side of the law as a security consultant for Las Vegas casinos to catch con-artists. He was also “cheating consultant” for the Sylvester Stallone movie Shade and he worked on the new film, Smokin’ Aces.

Paul says: “If I really had the larceny to use the skills I’ve learned over the years I’d probably be rich, famous or dead. Probably all three.”

I decided to ask Paul for tips to help me and my fellow parents and bloggers:

Penny: As a blogger and vlogger I am often juggling kids, video camera and phone in unfamiliar or new situations. I seem to misplace everything. Any tips to keep my wits, and my possessions, about me?

Paul: Find a bag or accessory that allows you to access your equipment easily but not so easily that a thief can get in just as quickly. There are some excellent organisers that fit inside existing bags so you can reach your camera etc quickly. If it were me, I would try to find one device that does all of this for you. My iPhone allows me to take pictures and video AND edit them before posting online. All from one handy device! There are plenty of great phones out there that do this. Consolidate your technology and it will not only make life simpler, but it will be easier for you to secure and protect while you are dealing with the kids!

Penny: Great advice thanks to Paul!  I think an organiser bag for my valuable stuff, within my bottomless bag stuffed with bananas, teddy bears and kids jumpers would be a really good start. I actually converged my camera, video and phone into a Sony Xperia smart phone over the summer when I reviewed Camp Bestival. It is pretty cool and I got some good footage, but I am still waiting for these convergences to completely live up to their individual components and for that reason I still use my flipcam and SLR too.

I have no budget currently, but am keen to try a wifi enabled camera and video or any convergence that can do all 3 things as well as the individual parts if there’s one out there, if anyone wants one reviewing just shout!

Thanks to Endsleigh for the opportunity to ask Paul a question. Now is a great time to think security as research reveals new gadgets are at high risk, especially if you haven’t had chance to organise insurance for those Christmas presents yet.

Do you have any handy gadget security tips? Or great converged gadgets to recommend?

2 thoughts on “A Residence Interviews: The Real Hustle’s Paul Wilson

  • Jen

    Great question Penny! And a topic right on my radar at the moment. Hunting for the right camera is proving time consuming and confusing! I’m hoping it’s over soon 🙂


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