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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.


Polarno O Pyret

Polarno O Pyret spotty dress

Miss L got wind of the fact I am away with work for a few days soon, so we agreed to calm her wobbles about missing me with a mum and daughter morning. It was also two years to the day since my Mum died, so finding mother and daughter time seemed like the right thing for the day.

I’ve been reading lots about Oliver James’s book Lovebombing, the idea of resetting a child’s emotional thermostat through quality time together, where they set the agenda. So I let Miss L choose the activities. We baked cakes that didn’t rise properly because she didn’t want to go and buy the right ingredients, we iced them with brown, vanilla flavoured glace icing and a whole box of sprinkles.

When we realised the first batch in her mini cupcake maker hadn’t worked, and that the icing tasted rank, we ate the remaining cake mixture instead of making more cakes.

We went to the park and I span her on the roundabout for ages, we went to the sweet shop and bought what she chose (within a pre agreed price range) and made them into the goody bags she wanted to make the to surprise the boys, before cuddling up as a family to watch the film she chose.

I thought it was a good time to give her this dress we were asked to review, just one of many lovely children’s clothes from Polarn O. Pyret. Practical clothes that grow with kids, from dress to tunic in this case.

Polarn O. Pyret means Buddy and the Little one in Swedish. They are clothes for kids, not mini adults, and a joy to wear. They’re also designed to be used for as long as possible by as many children as possible and to have unisex prints and prints that preserve childhood.

So the dress, and Lovebombing were huge hits with both of us, although I should probably read James’ book to be sure my interpretation is correct. I noticed little things, like she played independently quite happily all afternoon, she asked for less, but gave more cuddles, she let me brush her hair and wanted to read to me at bedtime.

I noticed big things too, like how nice it was not to be in charge, or to be arguing over how things are done and that I had a really lovely time and felt relaxed.


6 thoughts on “Lovebombing

  • Amanda

    Oh what a truly lovely post P, and what a lovely day. Was thinking about you yesterday xxx
    I think I would have done the same with the cake mixture! I’ve not heard of lovebombing but it clearly works.
    She looks gorgeous in her new dress, its really very pretty!

  • Babes about Town

    I’ve been very curious about Lovebombing since I read about the book and checked out the web site. It’s definitely on my agenda to have more one on one time with my boys as they grow, and I love (or maybe love/hate) the idea of letting them make the rules.

    Lovely post and doesn’t Miss L look gorgeous in her dress x

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  • Butwhymummywhy

    Sounds like a wonderful day! I’m reading the Lovebombing book at the moment and is something definitely going to do with Noo. One of the case studies talks about a little boy with a lot of anger and temper tantrums who then really settled after Lovebombing – here’s hoping the same for us! Xxx

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