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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

10 Things Women Should Always Carry While Travelling

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Today’s guest post is really useful one for me as I start packing for my visit to Ghana with Comic Relief on Sunday:

10 Things Women Should Always Carry While Going on Holiday

Travelling alone gives you a chance to experience exhilarating adventures, sights and experiences at your own pace. However, if you’re a woman travelling alone, you need to take extra precautions when preparing for your trip. Although packing may be the least pleasant part of your trip, thorough preparation will ensure that you can experience your holiday to the fullest.

Important Documents – If you are flying abroad, be sure to bring your passport and the contact details for your country’s embassy. International travel procedure can be very strict and sometimes unforgiving. Even if you aren’t flying abroad, you must bring a few important documents with you, your identification and a list of the addresses and phone numbers of each place you will stay during your trip.

Money Belt – Losing your money while on a holiday will quickly ruin your trip. Avoid a financial disaster by bringing along a money belt. Worn under your clothes, a money belt protects your money and other small items from thieves.

Fake Wedding Ring – If you don’t want to attract romantic attention during your holiday, consider wearing a real or fake wedding ring to discourage hopeful suitors. You can usually find an inexpensive ring at a thrift store.

Small Purse or Bags – Carrying a large bag while on vacation may attract attention from thieves. Take multiple bags of varying sizes with you so that you can easily switch bags as your daily needs change.

Your Own Toiletries – You can’t always rely on your hotel to provide adequate toiletries; bring your own toiletries with you. To make your own travel-size toiletries, purchase empty plastic bottles and fill them with your favourite shampoos and other products. Label your products so that you don’t confuse your toothpaste with your facial moisturiser.

Comfortable Shoes – A pair of comfortable shoes will sooth your feet during a long day of touring through museums and outdoor attractions. You can still bring a pair of heels to wear out to dinner. Simply slip your extra shoes into a small bag to protect the other items in your luggage.

Washable Clothes – If you don’t have the room to pack more than a few outfits, consider taking a few pieces that are easy to wash in a small sink. Shop around at a local sporting goods store to find camping clothes designed to wash and dry fast.

First-Aid Kit – With a small first-aid kit, you’ll be able to properly treat small wounds. If you travel frequently, check your first-aid kit regularly and replenish your supply of disposable bandages. You can also include some basic medications in your kit, such as pain relievers and cold medicines.

Guidebooks and Maps – Even in the digital age, you should bring printed maps and guidebooks with you. These printed materials can still be used even when your phone is dead or you can’t get an Internet signal.

Rubber Doorstop – Even in a fancy and expensive hotel, you may feel concerned about staying alone. A small rubber doorstop can offer you security while you sleep. Simply place this small item in front of your hotel door to block unwanted intruders.

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  • Nandini

    This is really helpful. Has made me sorted as I am planning for a 10 days trip. However, don’t you think something is still missing. Carrying a toilet seat sanitizer spray is a must-have specially for women & kids as this has always been most dreadful situation while using public toilets in India.


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