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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

5 timesaving combination oven recipes


Panasonic gave me a Combination oven to try out over Christmas. A few months in and it is really making a difference to how we cook. It can combine oven, grill and microwave to make cooking quickly taste just as good as the conventional routes. Panasonic microwaves use different technology, so no blind spots, shrivelled vegetables or need to rotate your food on a plate.

My favourite shortcuts and recipes so far are:


Microwaving them in the combi really brings out the sweetness. If like me, you often burn onions, this is a lifesaver, put them in, forget them for 3 minutes, and get on with the rest of the chopping. For a low fat option you can leave out the oil completely.

Vegetable, chick pea and apricot casserole

I could not believe how quick and tasty this was when I made it at the Panasonic kitchen, and have made it at home lots since. Panasonic Combi ovens aren’t your usual microwaves, slowly turning veg to mush and leaving other bits uncooked. In fact, because they use totally different microwave technology, everything is evenly cooked. 3 mins to microwave the onions, some chopping and then 15 minutes cooking on high, just stir once, no sticking or burning, loads of taste.

Jacket Potatoes

Combining grill, oven and microwave simultaneously makes for an evenly cooked and crispy skinned spuds. We managed to have 4 potatoes done in 25 minutes, so much better than just microwaving them, so much faster than the oven, so much less phaff than moving from microwave to oven.


Dough made in the breadmaker, sauce made from whatever I have to hand and then veggies roasted and pizza baked to perfection in the combi oven. Here’s the recipe.

Easy sponge pudding

You can’t beat a jam or syrup pudding, ready in under 10 mins. Perfect for Sunday lunch.

Chocolate Brownies

This really is so easy peasy in the Combi. We then doubled the recipe and made bags of these as gifts for family and teachers. L’s teachers apparently didn’t even manage to get them home, but ate them all there and then they were so good. I blogged the recipe here.

Best bit is knowing you can pull together tasty meals in less time and not feeling tied to the stove.

Disclosure – I am part of the Panasonic Intelligent Living Mums blogger group. I attended expenses paid workshops at Panasonic and received a combination oven to test out.

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