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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Three hot ways to celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Discovery offered us the chance to try some Mexican food and have our own Cinco de Mayo celebrations. They kindly sent us a Fajita dinner kit, some of their new garlic and herb sour cream and a Cajun Season and Sauce. So I present three ways to enjoy a Mexican feast, each with entertainment ideas…

The fifth of May is Cinco de Mayo, a commemoration of the Mexican army’s unlikely victory over French forces at the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862. In the United States nowadays Cinco de Mayo is a celebration of Mexican heritage and pride.

One – A family dinner

For us it was all about the tortilla. Miss L made a mask, Mr G played how many things can you make from a tortilla.telescope, light sabre, beard, mask and finally dinner!

Of course although playing with your food is great fun, Cinco de Mayo is really about celebrating all things Mexican, so onto what we put in the tortillas, beyond our imagination. The dinner kit included fajita spice mix, salsa and tortillas, plus a tube of the garlic and herb sour cream sauce, we added a tin of Discovery refried beans, grated cheese, Quorn, veggies and salad. Recipe below.

Miss L and I like ours wrapped up, so we put a bit of everything in the middle, fold the bottom edge and then wrap up the sides. Mr A likes his rolled and eaten with a knife and fork. Mr G likes to eat the tortilla and then the beans and then the cheese.


Two – A Hen do feast At the weekend I was lucky enough to attend a hen do in an amazing cottage in Rye. Thirteen fantastic ladies, loads of fun. We had a Mexican feast and the best use of a cardboard Fajita box for after dinner entertainment I ever saw (more on that later).

There is our beautiful bride to be A. in the middle, surrounded by friends, Discovery Mild Fajita kit fillings, salsa, guacomole, sour cream and lashings of Prosecco. Eating Mexican is so sociable, lots of passing plates, perfect for getting to know the other hens! After dinner fun – the Discovery fajita box game I am forever indebted to the lovely Brighton hens for introducing this game to me! Starting with an empty box with an open top, each participant must attempt to pick up the box with their teeth without hands, knees or elbows touching the floor.

Each round a little more box is cut off, first the top tabs, then an inch from around the top of the box, until only the flat bottom of the box remains. If you fail to pick up the box you are out. I haven’t laughed so much in ages, especially at everyone’s unique yogatastic approaches and ahem, when heads hit the deck.

Highly competitive too.

Three – Hot date in Discovery also sent us a Cajun Spice and Sauce mix. We love spicy food, but often the kids don’t, so this was a very quick and tasty way to achieve dinner for two, with plenty of spice. Mr A loves chicken but I am veggie, so we had Quorn. It was really easy to make, just mix the Quorn with the spice mix and some oil, fry til cooked and then add the sauce for a minute to heat through. Serve with rice and coriander. It would be lovely with veggies beans or tofu too.

Sizzling.  A huge hit…I will leave you to cook up your own after dinner entertainment 😉

Cooking up a Mexican feast – recipe

Lots happens in a short space of time cooking this feast, so it is a good one to make with someone else, that or prep everything and lay the table before you start sizzling.

Veggie fajitas Quorn strips (defrosted if frozen) or you could use tofu and large mushrooms, courgette and/or carrot. strips, along with the traditional red pepper and onion.

Mix the Quorn with the spices form the Fajita pack and oil.

Grate some cheese, set out the plates, put the salsa, guacomole, sour cream and a can of refried beans in a bowl

Slice the veggies into long thin similar sized strips.

Make a salad.

Get the wok super hot, and fry the quorn til cooked through, whack it up even higher and fry the veggies.

Heat the tortillas and the refried beans in the microwave. Serve.

How do you eat yours?

The verdict?

I liked the garlic and herb soured cream sauce in a squeezy tube, because although I’d prefer fresh soured cream we never use a whole pot so with a longer shelf life, so with a tube it doesn’t go to waste. This way you know you always have it in stock as the dinner kit can be kept in the cupboard and the soured cream in the fridge, for whenever you fancy a quick feast . You could use Quorn from the freezer and whatever veggies you had to hand, so a really easy way to make a special dinner quickly.

I love Mexican as a family meal, but, my kids still find it all a bit too spicy. However, I think we need to check out the milder kits we had on the hen do, or with some baked beans and salad everyone is happy: a spicy weekend treat for grown ups, with all the fun of tortillas for kids.
The Spice and Sauce kit made a really lovely meal, really quickly.
More recipes, ideas and inspiration over at the Discovery site.

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