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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Aromatherapy for procrastinators

My procrastination had reached new heights. I have a new business, the words of an agent who liked the idea of my unwritten book in my head, a blog and a lovely family. So many reasons to get up and be enthused in the morning, yet once I am up, it takes a ridiculous amount of effort to power up and do stuff. Do you procrastinate?

But, I was invited to Eden Hall Spa for the launch of Aromatherapy Associates along with fellow Nottingham bloggers Jen, Amanda and Becky. I visited Eden Hall last Summer and was really impressed by the stunning location, gorgeous facilities, incredible food and the excellent value for money. It turns out I had forgotten how much I love aromatherapy too.

After seeing Jen emerge from her complimentary Aromatherapy Associates mini massage, I decided to change my eye treatment for a massage. Jen’s reaction was really powerful, and I immediately thought it was what I could do with, although Amanda and Becky really rated their eye treatments too.

I filled in the questionnaire about how I was feeling: tired, sluggish, a big bout of can’t be bothered, ‘do I really have to?’ and ‘I can’t see the end of my to do list’. It was based on ticking boxes to describe how you feel, so perfect for my lethargic mood.

The therapist presented me with an oil to smell which I immediately rejected. You are given 2-3 oils to smell, apparently you will instinctively know which one is right for you. So she looked again at my questionnaire and presented me with another oil, it smelt of lavender, but also something a bit more exotic. I loved it.

I couldn’t help wonder if, on a subconscious level I was deliberately being stubborn and rejecting the first oil based on its attempts to revive and motivate me. I half thought about telling my therapist to use the first oil anyway, but I was starting to relax by then and well, I ‘couldn’t be bothered’. However, the oil I did opt for, along with the amazing massage, did seem to calm me and more importantly, put a smile back on my face.

I retuned to the others in the lounge, to Bellinis and incredible canapés. To blogging banter and good friends. I kept smiling, I felt a lot more like myself.

I became interested in aromatherapy when I was pregnant, both my labours I was comforted by the smell of essential oils and I believe they have incredible power to change your mood. Frankinsense and Lemon saw off some of the fear while I was in labour, bergamont always cheers me up, lavender calms me and ylang ylang soothes me.

My treatment reminded me of that power. Afterwards I thought perhaps what my body and mind actually needed wasn’t more stimulation, but a chance to switch off, some looking after and pampering.

For more on day spa packages see here. I’m really looking forward to returning for a school hours day trip, as Eden Hall are shortly reviving their amazing Back to School Package. More on Aromatherapy Associates here.

Do you wind down as much as you should?

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