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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Happy Campers: Coleman Kit tested

We tested some camping kit from Coleman this weekend, at the amazing wedding we camped at in Cornwall, at a vintage caravan park. I knew we’d be too busy with wedding stuff to take many photos of the gear, so we took some in the garden instead, but I am of course going to let you know how we got on with the gear at camp.

So firstly, the Hampton double sleeping bag. I chose this because I hate those shiny narrow ended sleeping bags, so we often take a duvet camping. But, duvets and sheets can be draughty and a phaff, plus it is nice to have a thick layer between you and a rubber airbed. So I liked the look of this over-sized double and very duvet-like sleeping bag.

The bags feature Coletherm® hollow fibre insulation that improves the loft and warmth of the bag. The cotton flannel liner wraps over the edge of the bag which means your face snuggles in on soft fabric, not shiny stuff. I loved this, as did the kids.

The plan was for Mr A and I to snuggle up in it, but the kids had other plans and, just like in the pics above both snuck in with me, while Mr A was still putting the world to rights with the last of the wedding revellers. There’s something magical about being snuggled in a tent with two snoring bundles though.

The Hampton is oversized, and so very roomy. It works well for camping, caravanning but also for guests at home.

Now we just need to look at a new Coleman airbed to replace our old one which sadly deflated on us. Fortunately the soft, thick sleeping bag was great cushioning from the hard ground.

Next we tested the Coleman Xtreme Wheeled Cooler. I thought this would come in really handy when we go to Camp Bestival, or indeed anywhere where you have to take a cooler any distance, like the beach. Or perhaps for large family picnics or gatherings.

I admit when we tested it, it was mainly full of drinks and chocolate, it is after all the perfect mobile drinks cabinet as it can store up to 84 cans and 2 litre bottles upright, meaning bottles of wine and tonic stay easily accessible. It was the hottest July in a decade when we camped, at the peak of the heatwave, and the milk we bought on Friday morning, was still perfectly fine on Monday, without refreezing our cool packs.

It was easy to manoeuvre across a fairly uneven field. We also loved that it doubled up as a seat and a table with handy spaces for drinks. The cups featured are by Olpro and will be in a little giveaway very soon!

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