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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

#Win Alternative Easter Gifts for Cool Kids

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It is always good to have alternative Easter gifts up your sleeve, that aren’t chocolatey…I have some to win too!

Okido is the arts and science magazine for kids. I had banned kids’ magazines in our house because they are generally impossible to actually write on with any pen known to humans, a bit rubbish, focussed soley on telly watching, pink/blue, covered in plastic tat, expensive, insulting, boring and lacking in anything that is going to set my children’s minds on fire.

How refreshing then to receive Okido. Beautiful pages you can write on, lovely layout, bright colours, colouring pages you would want to colour, art, cooking, science ideas. The stories, poems and illustrations explore emotions beautifully.

Okido even has a cartoon strip. Squirrel Boy, aka Albert, who is a small boy who transforms into a bushy-tailed superhero when he puts on his homemade suit.

Once you see Okido I don’t think you will look back, Okido reinforces all my suspicions about other children’s magazines. I will report back, so far so great, I think Okido is what my kids have been hankering after.

It is only £24 to subscribe, it would make a really great alternative Easter gift.

WIN Okido  Leave a comment below saying which issue caught your eye and why, and Okido will send the winner (chosen at random) 5 back issues. Terms and Conditions below.

How to Catch a Star by the magical Oliver Jeffers celebrates its 10th anniversary. We love this book. It’s a dog eared, well thumbed, much loved, tea stained, well read classic. It was the book that got me through bedtime stories when Mr A was away all week and Mr G wouldn’t settle.

My mother taught me to look at the stars when I feel lost, and this book reminds me of that.

We are standing in the backyard of our new home, mother and daughter.  I am seven.  It is March, a still calm night.  Mum wraps her arms round me, I am still small enough to snuggle into the cave she makes me under her chin and between her arms.Together we look past the other yards, the trees and the hills to the stars. She points out constellations, Orion’s belt and the Plough.                           More at LittleLegacy.co.uk

WIN Harper Collins sent me a special edition hardback copy, which I will be sending to my nephew as an Easter gift. If you want the other one leave me a comment and I will choose a winner at random! Terms and Conditions below. (I love this book so much I am posting it out to the winner myself, even though I told Harper Collins they would have to and they still sent it me anyway).

Baker Ross sent some fab jewellery tree making kits, given Miss L’s room is a complete mess, with every surface covered in stuff, I’m hoping they might make a difference. She seems to like to have everything, and I mean everything, where she can see it, so I am hoping this organisational strategy might work for us.

We’ve also been sent the little wooden boxes and some decoupage tissue paper, so I am really looking forward to mastering that art over Easter. For anyone baffeled by my French, it just means covering plain things in layers of tissue and covering in specialist glue for a shiny finish. Watch this space!

Baker Ross is a great place to stock up on alternative Easter gifts and stuff to keep the kids busy over Easter.

Chill Factor Slushy Makers. It is getting warmer and lighter and these are a real novelty that bought me extra brownie points. Or at least it did until we realised our freezer isn’t working properly. But the idea is really clever, you freeze the cup, add chilled drink and then with a bit of squeezing your drink is magically made into slush – my kids were soooooooooooo excited about these! Especially the straw/spoon implement they come with.

I just checked on Amazon and this gets 5 star reviews and lots of ‘it really does work’. So although we are still waiting for the freezer to be fixed, I can recommend Chill Factor Slushy Makers as alternative Easter gifts, you could even fill them with little eggs?

Gone Crabbing T shirts. For anyone hitting the seaside, or who loves the British coast these are a must. Mister G loves his red hoody and I find it invaluable for keeping track of him, wherever we travel in the world. Miss L won’t wear pink and purple so I can’t show the more girly designs in action, but there are also plenty of unisex designs and grown ups too, have a look. Mr A lives in his one.

DSC01834Hope you have liked our alternative Easter gifts, leave me a comment if you want to win! Don’t forget to tell me what you’d like to win and don’t worry, you can be greedy and say both.

love Penny

Competition terms and conditions – UK Entry, winner will be chosen at random, comment to enter, enter by midnight Tuesday 22nd April 2014.

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