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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Residence Blog

Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Funky Sheep. It’s #WoolWeek!


It is wool week so I thought I would celebrate this incredible natural, breathable, renewable, biodegradable, insulating, safe, odour repelling, resilient, elastic, easy care fibre.

Wool doesn’t have to be boring or serious. Wool can be oh so colourful. One of my favourite suppliers at Wayfair.co.uk is Ian Snow. Continue reading

Through the Keyhole: A Love Story #TTKH

through the keyhole a love story

I’m reflecting… Through The Keyhole has been running for a few months now. When A Residence became part of Wayfair.co.uk it was all about keeping a real blog. So I wanted it to feature real homes too. For inspiration, but also reassurance.

Something must be going right because this week A Residence was announced in the Shortlist of the Amara Interior Blog Awards in Best Organisation Blog, so a big thanks to all those who have given us a peek around their homes!

Through the Keyhole is so much more than snooping though, it has shown me so much of what makes a real home. People admit to tiny, telling things about sharing their home with others, people show beautiful things, with stories behind them, things that make a house a home. It feels like such a privilege to go through the keyhole.

Last week’s Through the Keyhole took us to Steph’s Two Girls home. She showed us exactly what mattered to her family.

Today’s Through the Keyhole is a love story too…. Continue reading

Great British Bake Off Bakeware and The Lemon Tart saga


Baking is something my daughter and I see as seriously good fun. So when I heard Wayfair.co.uk had started selling Great British Bake Off bakeware, I asked if we could review a couple of items, put our baking skills to the test, AND reward my lovely readers with a Great British Bake Off Giveaway. Yes I have a whole set of GBBO bakeware up for grabs, worth £150! More on that below, first the lemon pie saga… Continue reading

Through the Keyhole – Make a house a home #ttkh

through the keyhole

I love to look around people’s homes, so I thought it would be fun to play Through the Keyhole. To see inside some real homes.

Last time we snooped around Liz from The Mum Blog’s beautiful home, full of travel souvenirs, iconic art and some cheeky treasures.

Today’s Through The Keyhole really gets to the heart of what makes a house a happy home. I am also excited to feature our first pet, isn’t he gorgeous?

I’m not going to tell you whose home we have this week, except to say  I will take you ‘though the keyhole’ to her blog later if you’re curious to know who lives here, which I know after reading this you will be. Continue reading

How to make a conker wreath

how to make a conker wreath

Conker wreaths make a beautiful Autmumal way to brighten up your door or hallway. My US readers have let me know they are also known as buckeyes or the things that fall off horse chestnut trees! I love spiders, but the rest of my family are petrified of them, conkers however, are meant to keep them away. Did you know they also have moth repellent properties? Perfect for protecting your wardrobe. Continue reading

The 8 best places to eat in East London – Eating London Tour


I know I annoyed lots of regular readers last Friday, I made lots of you very hungry, I made some of you reach for the biscuit tin – you let me know on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I was invited by Eating London to experience an eight stop foodie tour of East London, an area steeped in history and made rich by waves of immigration. Will you forgive me if I tell you I have a tour pass to give away to one lucky reader? Or that I can reveal the eight best places to eat in East London?

First let me introduce my tour ‘partners in crime’.

Eating London crew

Here we are gathered outside a dilapidated house in East London that’s left this way as it is used frequently as a Victorian film set. You see the tour is about so much more than food, we even visited the spot where one of Jack the Ripper’s victims was found.

Next let me also introduce my partner in documenting this foodie heaven, the Samsung NX Mini, complete with flip selfie screen – which Currys kindly asked me to test. I normally use a Sony NEX 5T for this blog, and picked up some great photography tips recently, so this feels like a step back. But for a busy day in London, and as I was staying in London for a night out, the NX Mini is perfectly pocket and handbag sized!

samsung nx mini

Right, we have people, camera, we are good to go! Continue reading

How to make Bath Bombs

How to make bath bombs

My eight year old daughter made soap over the summer at Camp Bestival, she loves Science and so she wanted to make more at her birthday party. She also threw bath bombs at me as a challenge. I was a bit daunted at first, but they are actually unbelievably simple to make, the first one I made worked brilliantly and even when teaching  7 busy eight year olds, the results were great, you can see from the picture. So I thought I would share with you how to make bath bombs! Continue reading

Through the Keyhole – Travel in Style

travel in style 
I don’t know about you, but I love to look around people’s homes, it was my love of Rightmove and property snooping that inspired Through the Keyhole
Through the Keyhole gives you a chance to have a sneaky peak inside someone else’s home. Last time we frolicked around Joanne’s beautiful Yorkshire garden, complete with gargoyles and handmade mobiles. Since last week she was awarded the MAD Blog for Travel, so do check out her amazing site! Huge congratulations Joanne.
I’m not going to tell you whose home we have this week, except to say she is a woman of words and style. I will take you ‘though the keyhole’ to her blog later if you’re curious to know who lives here, which I know after reading this you will be.
This is a blogger who likes to travel a lot – and judging by the Virgin Atlantic Upper Class salt and pepper set likes the finer things in life, even when they’re pinched..
salt and pepper pots british airways

She seems to be a beauty addict…
beauty products
…and apparently likes wearing a lot of pink.
pink dresses wardrobe
She’s definitely attracted to glittery, pretty things and also loves Disney…
tinkerbell music box
…both she and her son share an interest in popular culture…
iconic wall art
…she has a thing about good design…
Lloyd loom chair
…and her workspace is uncluttered…
clutter free workspace
but above all she loves the sea.
beach huts

Very telling! I love learning a little more about someone by sneaking through their stuff. So…are you ready to go Through The Keyhole and find out more about who she is?

Time to put you out of your misery, *puts on best Loyd Grossman voice* Who would live in a house like this? Let’s go through the keyhole …just click it.


What struck you about today’s home? Please share in the comments or join the conversations #throughthekeyhole @aresidence.

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