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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Residence Blog

Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Top 5 Travel Gadgets

top 5 travel gadgets at Wayfair

With half term approaching for some, and others heading off for Winter sun, I thought it might be fun to look at some travel gadgets. I am off to Malta to celebrate Mr A’s 40th with our best man and his lovely wife. I am really excited that we’ll be staying with James Villas, full run down when I return!

Pool terrace with panoramic views

For those of you not going on your holidays anytime soon, sorry, but some of these would make fabulous gifts for the traveller in your life. I have Mr A’s 40th coming up, so I am on present high alert.

Firstly I love the retro camera luggage tags, apart from keeping track of your all important address and contact details, they make your luggage really stand out  - always a bonus when it comes to the luggage conveyor belt! Go for an old fashioned vintage case, bright pink, or even classy black.

Until I stop being a luddite and get a Kindle and overcome my souvenir shopping habit, I will always be at the mercy of the excess baggage charge. Having one of these travel luggage scales would give me a more realistic idea of how much room for manoeuvre I really had.

I can’t stand the way everything gets mixed up in my case, especially if I am forced to share it with my husband or the kids. So I love these inexpensive suitcase organisers, only £8.74.

In Corfu this summer Mr A was endlessly frustrated by having to boil a tiny enamel pan on the electric stove. I though it had charm, and it was worth waiting for a cup of tea, I had after all remembered tea bags, a must in my case. This collapsible silicone kettle from Wacky Practicals works on most heat sources, remarkably. I think it might make some Brits abroad very happy.

Finally I think a travel candle is a lovely way to keep your case smelling fresh and to help you wind down after travelling. Melt do some lovely ones.

What do you always pack?

Giant pizza style cookies

giant cookies pizza style

Giant pizza style cookies are great to bake together, and even make an easy alternative birthday cake, served warm if you like, with ice cream, candles and sweetie toppings. If you like making pizza with kids, well this is a sweet version, it would also make a fab birthday party activity.

We came up with all this when we were snuggled up in the caravan this weekend, rain lashing against the windows, drinking hot chocolate, eating shop bought cookies and discussing what we would put in a cookie instead of chocolate chips.


We found the most melt in the mouth, crunchy but gooey recipe we could… Continue reading

Project Cosy Corner: Table Lamps

light up a special corner

Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful. William Morris

I don’t know about you, but I can be quite territorial about my cosy corner of the living room. Since our fish sadly swam to the ocean in the sky, there has been room for me to make a little cosy corner of the living room mine. Continue reading

Through The Keyhole: Putting Down Rural Roots #TTKH


Welcome to Through the Keyhole, it’s like snooping on Rightmove, only lovelier. The thing about interiors is they can be intimidating. So, apart from being nosy,  I really wanted Through The Keyhole to try and demystify what makes a house a home.

Last time we snooped around Katie’s wonderful love nest. Today I have a gorgeous family home in a rural location for you.

Today’s Through The Keyhole knows exactly how to make a house a home, even if it is still a work in progress.  I will take you ‘though the keyhole’ to her blog later if you’re curious to know who lives here, which I know after reading this you will be.

Through the Keyhole

We moved to our house fairly recently, so it’s still a work in progress. Half the walls haven’t been painted. We have a couple of big projects coming up, after which we can finish decorating so some things have yet to be unpacked. Most of the pictures are propped up, like this one in my husband’s office. Continue reading

Funky Sheep. It’s #WoolWeek!


It is wool week so I thought I would celebrate this incredible natural, breathable, renewable, biodegradable, insulating, safe, odour repelling, resilient, elastic, easy care fibre.

Wool doesn’t have to be boring or serious. Wool can be oh so colourful. One of my favourite suppliers at Wayfair.co.uk is Ian Snow. Continue reading

Through the Keyhole: A Love Story #TTKH

through the keyhole a love story

I’m reflecting… Through The Keyhole has been running for a few months now. When A Residence became part of Wayfair.co.uk it was all about keeping a real blog. So I wanted it to feature real homes too. For inspiration, but also reassurance.

Something must be going right because this week A Residence was announced in the Shortlist of the Amara Interior Blog Awards in Best Organisation Blog, so a big thanks to all those who have given us a peek around their homes!

Through the Keyhole is so much more than snooping though, it has shown me so much of what makes a real home. People admit to tiny, telling things about sharing their home with others, people show beautiful things, with stories behind them, things that make a house a home. It feels like such a privilege to go through the keyhole.

Last week’s Through the Keyhole took us to Steph’s Two Girls home. She showed us exactly what mattered to her family.

Today’s Through the Keyhole is a love story too…. Continue reading

Great British Bake Off Bakeware and The Lemon Tart saga


Baking is something my daughter and I see as seriously good fun. So when I heard Wayfair.co.uk had started selling Great British Bake Off bakeware, I asked if we could review a couple of items, put our baking skills to the test, AND reward my lovely readers with a Great British Bake Off Giveaway. Yes I have a whole set of GBBO bakeware up for grabs, worth £150! More on that below, first the lemon pie saga… Continue reading

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