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A Whole New Wurld

Thanks for the lovely comments on Gurls Gurls Gurls, the video of 3yo Mr G saying ‘girls’. It started a whole debate over accents and 3yo pronunciation. ¬†Fellow Nottingham resident Jen from Love Chic Living reckoned it had a Nottingham twang, It’s quite a tricky accent to place Notts, so I take her ‘wurd’ as gospel, even though she doesn’t have the local accent, she’s lived here a little longer than me. ¬†The Boy and Me’s nearly 3 year old says ‘wurld’ too. And Mummy Mummy Mum says her 3 yo daughter says ‘girls’ in an Essex accent in Hampshire, so maybe it’s just a 3 year old thing.

I was reminded of my daughter singing A Whole New World, from Aladdin when she was 3. I dug out the video, she’s not going to thank me for this when she’s older, it’s very funny, but it is very cute. And at age 5 she sings a whole lot better than her mum can, so who knows, maybe they’ll be digging this one out to embarrass her on X factor 2025.

What do/did your kids mispronounce?