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Britmums Carnival

Britmums has a fortnightly blog post carnival, hosted around the blogosphere, and this time it’s my turn to host.

Liz from The Mum Blog asks What’s wrong with being a mummy blogger?  Liz encourages us to see mummy blogging as something very diverse and these carnival entries definitely prove that.  I’ve decided to group them into categories, just to prove we nearly have a magazine ladies, (gents are of course welcome, but weren’t forthcoming this time).

I’m looking forward to having a good read and getting some great new blogs on my reader.

Kate at Witwitwoo has been owning up to her epic back to school fails while Ella at Notes from home has been reflecting on making the difficult decision to move one of her boys to a new school.

Emma at Science Sparks has been making science tasty with Chocolate Leaves.

For Kate Takes 5 and family, peas are your enemy, but for Heather and family from Thrifty Mummy, greens mean a bumper Summer Harvest.

Jules, from I need Curtains for the Windows in my head, has been busy making a rather fab item of clothing, I love discovering people’s secret talents, don’t you?
For easy craft for kids, look no further than Nurture Store’s no cook playdough, with cinnamon for a bit of Autumnal sensory stimulation. Or for craft ideas with added boy appeal, check out Red Ted Art’s Boy Get Crafty. This male focus is perfectly complimented by Daddy’s Eyes… Momma’s Love of Paint, by Katie from Dazed but Enthused.

Let me introduce Noo, he belongs to Gemma of helloitsgemma.  He has the final word on fashion in Mummy I really want a…. 

Vickie from Honest Mum gives us an insight into what it really means to be Greek in Wannabegreek.com

Ruth at Dorky Mum questions what makes a house a home in For Sale: 2 bedroom flat, scuffed paintwork, full of love.

Out and about
Britmums, they get around, in the nicest possible sense. Milly at South of the River Mum previews the Word Up Festival.  Emma of Scandinavian Sojourn brings us real Viking Warriors. Elsie at The Babylon Lane Tales has been practising her bushcraft, (that’s camping for you tisantaphobics). Nadine from Juggle Mum has been getting lots done and still having a holiday, in Aah Ibiza

Kerry, also known as Multiple Mummy, has been questioning What does being a Godmother mean?

Peggy from The Real Life of a Narrowboat Wife reflects on the childhood career dream she is re embarking on, in I wish…

Two bloggers have written courageously and creatively about Mental health this month, Carole from Dance without Sleeping in Just because you can’t see it and Mrs Shortie in Time to Change.
Ellen from Musings from a Mum reminds us of the importance of Living in the moment.

The Blogosphere
Melksham Mum has been tackling what has to be the Meme of the Month, ‘who have your kids mistaken you for?’, in Look its Mummy.
Emma at Mummy Mummy Mum has a linky Friday Funny to make you smile and me, Penny, I hold Little Legacy on a Thursday, it’s more likely to make you cry, but A stitch in time did resonate with lots of people.

Of course where would Mummy Blogging be without reflecting on the nuts and bolts of living with children?  Just in case you had been busy forgetting your parent status reading these posts, Jenny at Mummy Mishaps has a reminder, You know you’re a Mummy when.

More information on Britmums carnivals, including a schedule of future host/esses.

Please go forth and share the news of this Britmums Carnival on Twitter, facebook etc. There’s buttons for sharing just below.  If I’ve left any posts out kick me, they came into two different emails which was thoroughly confusing.