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Call centre pirates and musical cherubs

My lovely little brother asked me for some of his niece’s drawings to make me a new header.  I confessed to my husband that it all sounded a bit amateurish, me not being a very ‘visual’ person. But Mr A reminded me that my brother always comes up with great designs (they used to work together).  My brother emailed me my new header.  I ate my words.  Mr A was right. 

My humble contribution was to suggest the pink writing went under my son and the blue under my daughter.  Don’t want anyone accusing me of gender stereotyping.

What I love about the new header (apart from the fact it looks professional and actually fits the template) is that it features the piano my mum used to play.  My brother and I burnt through a small fortune in piano lessons.  There isn’t much to show for that.  But both my children have been utterly transfixed with the piano, from the word go, as you can see.

L as a baby with my Mum

I am a bit sad to say goodbye to the old header, it being my first.  Dichotomy of, who has a fantastic blog that often takes me back to my childhood to the extent I sometimes think we were separated at birth, called it my ‘call centre pirates’ which made me giggle.  But I love that headers can change with the times, I’ve made a HeadsDown page to celebrate my old headers. I like the idea they can grow with my children.

Out with the old and in with the new.  And may my children excel at piano playing.  Mr A was in a band, in fact that’s how I fell for him, so maybe, just maybe I have at least bagged them some musical talent, as it certainly won’t be coming from me.