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Residence Recommends – A great hotel for kids Crowne Plaza Birmingham

Sometimes something makes such a good impression that you want to sing about it on your blog without being asked to. Last Saturday we decided at the last minute to join Mr A, who was working at The Gadget Show Live, and staying at the Crowne Plaza hotel Birmingham.

I love hotels, when I was a student I worked as a chambermaid in two pretty famous five star hotels. Working backstage should have burst the bubble, but if anything, like working in theatre, it makes me appreciate the show that’s put on even more.

I thought being stuck in a hotel room, in a city I didn’t know with two small children might be a very bad plan. I was proved very wrong. Hotels and kids are great for lots of reasons.

Hotels mean wheely suitcases.

Hotels mean pretending to be super important

Hotels mean raiding the toiletries and minibar (I loved the This Works… complimentary pillow spray and temple rub).

Hotels mean watching telly in bed

Oh and pillow fights, followed by snuggling up as a family to watch a good movie.

I needn’t have worried about being on my own lots with the kids. The staff bent over backwards to help. Four times in 24 hours the Front of House Manager asked me if I needed any help with my children.  I wondered if perhaps he had mixed me up with a celebrity, or if I had parent blogger tattooed to my head.  But no.

He told L and G all about his rabbit called Charlie, suggested things to do, suggested he booked us in before the rush in the restaurant, even had a special word with the chef and got him to make the kids pancakes for their (free) and already eye-poppingly-exciting breakfast, then offered to organise a mini bus to save us walking to the Gadget Show. All this on their busiest day in 5 years.

Love it when something unexpected turns into something magical.  I think I really needed to get away too.