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Your Online Shopping – Give as you Live

Give as you Live

Did you know you can give to charity as you shop online at no extra cost to you?  When I heard about Give as You Live I was totally, utterly bowled over by the genius and simplicity of the concept.  There are untapped billions out there and I am on a mission to claim them back for charity, are you with me?

We all have the best intentions about giving to charity, but finding the money can be tricky. Estimates suggest charity giving is down 50%.  It’s not surprising, in these uncertain times. When people’s circumstances change, donations and direct debits to charity are often one of the first things to go. I posted recently about the creative accountancy that was required to enable our family to sponsor a child through Action Aid.

We sponsor Luqman and his community in a Pakistani village through the Action Aid sponsorship programme. Having a connection to someone far away who needs our help has changed me. I have a photo, beautiful drawings and accounts of life in a village in Pakistan from 7 year old Luqman. Luqman’s letters make me so determined to sort out these billions that we are spending without giving as we live.

So how do you do it?  Simple.  Sign up for Give as you Live here.  It’s a nifty piece of software that prompts you to Give as you Live whenever you shop online.  So instead of the profits from the fee that’s added to all online transactions lining someone else’s pockets, it goes to charity. So simple.

You’ll find over 2000 online retailers on there and you can pick from any charity you like to donate to. I’m on a mission to help more children like Luqman through Action Aid, but you can support any charity you like, and you can even change your charity with each shop.

So what you waiting for?  I was just waiting for it be available on Google Chrome, and now it is hurrah! Every time I browse a participating retailer’s site, up pops Give as you live. So easy. Please help me. Let’s make billions.

Here’s what my internet Browser looks like each time I shop online, you can see it tells me Give as you Live is ON and that I am currently supporting Action Aid. Clever eh?

If you go to my Ambassador page and sign up we can track what we all donate collectively. You can choose your charity or help mine. As you can see from my total, I am starting today, I’ve downloaded the software and I’m ready to give as you live. Please join me and do check out #mums4good on Twitter.

Here’s a video that makes it all very clear:

And here’s to happier shopping.

Who are you going to give as you live for? Here’s my last letter from Luqman, I love that his favourite thing is sheep.  I’m going to ask him all about them in my letter.

Proud supporter of Brit Mums for good!

I’m a Give as you Live ambassador and this is a sponsored post in conjunction with Britmums and Give as you Live for #Mums4good.