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Scrapstores…craft that keeps on giving.

I have made the most amazing craft discovery.  If like me you like you love craft that’s child centred and all about letting their imaginations run totally wild, without costing the earth, then you’re going to love this.

Scrapstores are amazing places across the UK, they take unwanted materials and offcuts from industry for schools, organisations and families to use in craft activities. I’ll put some details about how to find your nearest one below.

At our last visit to Nottingham Contemporary we joined up for the special half price offer of £5 a year, so now for the bargain price of £2 can take home a bag full of scrap materials each visit. We took home a bag filled with: some giant tubes, shiny card, ribbon, foil ribbon, stickers, cardmaking decorations, pink bubble wrap and peach fabric. Here’s what Mr G and I made:

And here is the play that came out of it.  I think this is an awesome outcome out of freeform, unplanned craft activity, easily a morning’s entertainment:

He really enjoyed the film making part too which as a teacher I always found, if children are in the right mood, really give status to their creative endeavours and raise confidence.

So Scrapstores…what an amazing way to recycle whilst cheaply funding and inspiring your children’s creativity.   I can’t wait to visit the actual scrapstore, as it sounds like an Aladdin’s cave of crafty stuff and the stall was just a taster of what’s on offer.

Check the Scrapstore UK website to find your nearest.