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We built this city

We took part in a fantastic family workshop at Nottingham Contemporary last weekend.  It was based on the end of an art exhibition I managed to sneak a quick look at, and summarised, despite an unwilling-to-stop-and-let-mummy-read-daughter, that it was about architecture, boundaries and maps.

Decolonizing Architecture/Art Residency (DAAR) is an art and architecture collective set up by Alessandro Petti, Sandi Hilal and Eyal Weizman, based in Palestine. Their work is a critical examination of the role played by architecture in the occupation of the Palestinian territories.

So in the workshop we had to start by throwing a roll of coloured crepe paper across the giant white paper space to mark our territory.  Then we began to build little houses, bridges, roads and railways from boxes, tape, and crayons. G built a skyscraper and L a little rosebud cottage.

There was a Zebra who made a little house too, he caused much excitement with our kids. I know, this post is getting more and more surreal.

Mr A, normally found orchestrating virtual online game spaces, was very at home with this concept and quickly set to work building roads and town planning.

As we left to try out the kid’s tapas menu at La Tasca we were able to look down on our creation from above, our settlement and road is to the right of the top of Mr G’s hat brim. A real sense of achievement for the whole family.

Nottingham Playworks Scrapstore had a stall at the event and I really enjoyed chatting to them, I can’t wait to blog about scrapstores and kids creativity, a post to follow shortly on that.

A perfect family day out, Nottingham Contemporary have lots of great events for families. I’ll leave you with a bear in a window of La Tasca, can you spot a real live Zebra crossing?