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Mr G tastes Soreen Toastie Loaf, plus Union Jack Maxi Micro Competition

It was nostalgia that got me on board. Soreen takes me back to my Gran’s 1950s style breadbin, and to happy times visiting her after primary school. We would have Soreen spread with butter and sometimes with a slice of cheese. So when the good people at MumPanel asked me to take part in a spreading the word about Soreen campaign I said ‘Yes please!’   I was curious to know if my children would love it the same way I did.

It turns out Soreen is much more than just malt loaf these days.  There’s a even a Soreen Toastie loaf and perfectly portioned lunch box loaves. I confess initially I didn’t mention my son to Mum Panel as I had a feeling he wouldn’t like malt loaf, but how wrong was I?  Look at Mr G taking on the Soreen Toastie loaf:

The Soreen Toastie loaf was a really clever take on malt loaf, lighter and really yummy straight out the toaster, buttered and warm.  It’s a lovely mix of chewy and crunchy and it’s low in saturated fat. Here’s my more grown up version of Toastie loaf indulgence.

Next week I’ll have more on Lunchbox loaves and Miss L will get a look in.

Meanwhile the good people at MumPanel have a fab Scooter competition you can enter to win a limited edition Red Union Jack Maxi Micro Scooter worth £105.

To be in with a chance of winning this fantastic Scooter with Soreen Lunchbox loaves, just click on Mum Panel and answer a quick question.

And if all this talk of Soreen has your mouth watering, here’s a handy guide to where you can buy Soreen products and here’s the Soreen facebook page.

Disclosure – I choose to blog about brands that are meaningful to my family. I am paid to express my honest opinion about Soreen. I received free samples.