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My Mostly Yummy Mummy, Geek is the New Chic and Typecast Zalando makeover

I was quite taken aback by the reaction to my first first foray into fashion blogging.  Well, actually it was more like a shoe audit and a social commentary on women’s shoes, inspired by Caitlin Moran, but it clearly struck a chord with people. This month I have managed to persuade some super stylish bloggers to give me a summer dress makeover.

Since that post, and my no jeans experiment (7 weeks in and still finding long forgotten skirts in the back of my wardrobe) I have become much more interested in style.  I don’t get it right every day, (some weeks not any day).  I still have some great big holes in my wardrobe, but having no jeans has forced me to be more creative, which in turn has made me enjoy clothes more. This week my guest stylists and I have been browsing at the online wardrobe of delights that is Zalando.

Following up the shoe theme, Mostly Yummy Mummy, who knows a lot about being stylish while running round after kids, inspired me to buy some ballet pumps, but being short in the leg and a pear shape, I like something to balance the flat, narrowness of pumps. So these gorgeous green Killah pumps with a flower embellishment are perfect. I also love the inscription inside:

Nicki from Typecast, who claims not be an expert, picked out this Anna Field dress for me, I think she knows a lot more about style than she says she does, because it’s a neat empire line, absolutely perfect for my pear shape.  It’s so refreshing to see clothing designed for real women, it has sleeves, a flattering  v neck, a decent length and it even hides a multitude of sins under the ruching around the tummy area. I’m impressed Nicki, thank you.

One thing I’ve never got round to buying is a Maxi dress, so when Sian of Geek is the New Chic, super fast stylist to the blogging world, offered to pick one out for me, I jumped at the chance.  As you can see from my gravatar/picture in the sidebar, I love stripes.  I think this Serious Sally stripe maxi dress is going to be so wearable, it’s smart and practical when chasing after kids on summer days, but it’s also smart enough for no kid days. Thanks Sian!

And now my style eye is coming back, I picked out a couple of dresses for myself, albeit somewhat above budget.  This Behave Maxi makes me wish there was a wedding on the cards this Summer.

This GANNI Madison dress appeals to the gothic, utilitarian loving girl in me. Smart, lightweight and a bit different.

Anyway, see I’m flitting all over the style shop now, which is probably why my wardrobe is so chaotic.

Anything grab your eye? Which should I buy?