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Belated thank you for two safe deliveries

So I was sat on a wooden chair in the centre of woman-I -had-just-met’s living room, surrounded by people I had also just met for the first time that day.  They were standing around me, doing their best to intimidate me, pretending to be something they clearly weren’t.

I hadn’t fallen in with the wrong crowd, it was a childbirth class and we were role playing who might be in theatre should we need a C section. The point, which I am really glad they made, was that an awful lot of people can be in theatre.

Turns out I did need a section, twice. Both times I was immensely glad of all the people there, the midwives who had been with me for most of the labour, the anaesthetist with a cracking sense of humour, the no messing consultant who snapped at her team to get moving, the team of people who did just that. I wish I knew their job roles, but there wasn’t much time to get acquainted.

Both my sections were emergencies, but it never felt that way.  I felt like I was in good hands.

After I left hospital with both my babies, I wracked my brains trying to think of suitable ways to say thanks.  How do you thank a midwife, or an entire medical team in both my cases? A box of chocolates and a thank you card praising them didn’t seem enough, gift tokens lovely, but to whom?

As a teacher it was people’s words that stayed with me long after I had scoffed the chocolates,  the flowers had wilted or the wine had been drunk. So I tried to make those words in the cards count.  Don’t ask me what they said, my brain was too foggy back then.

I stumbled upon the 2012 M.U.M (Maternity Unit Miracles) Award when I was reading over at Babyworld, the awards offer a chance to say thank you and nominate the maternity team involved for an award.  And before you ask what I was doing over at Babyworld, nope I’m not expecting again, but I am soon to be an Aunty, and I have to do my research for my Lazy Daisy posts.

The criteria mean there’s still time for me to say thanks:  ‘If you or any of your family or friends have experienced complications or problems with a pregnancy or birth in the last 5 years (the child must be at least 1 or less than 6 years old at 01/03/12, with a birth date between 02/03/06 and 28/02/11)’

How did you say thanks?

If you’ve read/written any good pregnancy and birth posts why not enter them in this, for a prize: