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How to make a child laugh

I absolutely loved making this how to make a child laugh video with Mr G for Netmums. it was filmed in one take. And they say never work with children, or animals.

If you haven’t subscribed yet, do check out and subscribe to the Netmums You Tube channel. What I love is that all the videos are short and snappy insights into parenting by real parents. There’s some lovely creative ideas for costumes, cookery and seeing the world from a child’s perspective.

How to make a child laugh, what’s your trick?

Camp Bestival – The toilet queue vlog

Sometimes the tiniest thing epitomises EVERYTHING about the hugest event. This little snippet of film says everything about why, as a family, we went to, and loved Camp Bestival 2012. I bring you queueing (for a very short time) for the toilets!

The singing was from the funky little choir singalong in the Little Big Top on Friday.

You can also read my full Camp Bestival review in words and pictures, or see my full Camp Bestival video blog. Or find out more about my Camp Bestival packing list here.

Why I vlog 2. Vlog within a vlog.

I’m a finalist in the Britmums Brilliance in Blogging Awards in the vlogging catergory. Britmums asked us to vlog about what inspires us to blog or vlog.  So I did.  It got me really thinking about what vlogs are especially good for.  What do you like about vlogs?

To see any of the vlogs within this vlog in full go here

What do you like to see vlogs of? 

Turn your photos into art and prizes with the Kodak Big App

I’m very excited to announce Part One of my promised November secrets. I have finally fulfilled my dream of becoming a Blue Peter presenter. Well, as good as. Britmums and Kodak asked me to be a Big App Ambassador. Which means I get to demonstrate printer wall art projects, on screen. Not a scrap of sticky back plastic in sight. But even better news, you get a chance to win great prizes, just for selecting one of your photos.

The Kodak Big App is a rather marvellous and highly addictive free, internet based app.  Kirstie Allsopp was on telly the other night, refering to machine embroidery as the ‘crack cocaine of the craft world’.  Well Kirstie, you haven’t tested the Big App. Here, have a bit of this, it will blow your mind, you’ll never look at your photos the same way again.

I really hope you are going to join me on the challenge.  I may have bags of enthusiasm after my day with the photographer Jon Cruttenden but I reckon you probably have a much better eye, and therefore a much better chance of actually winning.  There are some great prizes, a camera or printer, just for linking up a picture you would give the Kodak Big App treatment to.  Competition entry details here. Check out the Britmums Big App site.

All you need is an image…

This is a sponsored post in association with Britmums and Kodak.
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