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Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lights are some of the best items you can buy for the outside of your home and the reasons for that are numerous. This type of lighting manages to beautifully combine practicality with visual appeal, meaning that any outside lights you choose are guaranteed to not only be functional but also look amazing. Our extensive range includes great brands such as Nordlux and Roger Pradier, and the items we offer come in a huge variety of finishes, styles and light bulbs. So wait no more and shop for some delightful exterior illumination for your home right now. We have some great tips on how to shop for outside lighting on Wayfair UK, so read on.

Solar powered exterior lighting buying guide

2 Light LED light outdoor garden light UK by Naeve Leuchten

When it comes to outdoor lights, UK-based customers love solar power. Unlike interior illumination, which doesn’t get enough exposure to the sun, outside lighting can immediately benefit from this extraordinary renewable source of energy. Thus, you can easily save money with outdoor solar lights whilst never having to worry about hiding away annoying cables or connecting your lights to a power outlet. What’s more, solar outdoor lights look contemporary and chic. Thanks to functioning independently from any outside power sources, the design options are limitless. With a little help from the syb, posts and bollards are so much easier to spread around the garden - some solar powered garden lights can even be stuck in the ground - and decking lights can be placed independently from each other, since no connection cables are needed. What you might not already know is that they are in fact battery operated outdoor lights. That’s because batteries are vital in order to actually store the sun energy accumulated throughout the day. This will have some further implications that you’ll need to bear in mind, such as having to change the batteries once in a while. Thus, if at some point your solar outside lights stop performing well, you might need to have a look at the batteries and replace them. Another fun fact about these lights is that they type of bulb they usually have is LED. The reason is quite simple: LEDs are incredibly energy-efficient, meaning that they only require a small amount of electricity to function. That, of course, makes solar outdoor lighting way more efficient.

Different categories of outdoor lights

Chelsea GRande 1 Light outdoor lights uk wall by Norlys

If you have a close look at this page you’ll notice that we have carefully selected some featured categories to display on the left. They represent more refined classifications within the broad category of outdoor lighting, as well as being some of the most popular and searched for types of exterior lighting, such as outdoor wall lights or LED outdoor lighting. The best way to start your shopping adventure on Wayfair UK is to browse our featured categories. Alternatively, feel free to type in any sort of outdoor lights you might be thinking of in the search box at the top.

Value value

Tasilla 1 Light LED outdoor lights uk wall

We know that when you shop for your home it’s not just design and functionality that you’re after, but also good value for your money. While Wayfair UK provides outdoor lighting for every budget and taste, everyone appreciates superior quality for the smallest price possible. With this in mind we’ve prepared some carefully budgeted lists of your favourite products in terms of outside lights. If you look above and on the left, you’ll be able to see a section called Everyday Values, containing a few of the best products we offer at great prices. Speaking of budgets, if you need a limit when you’re shopping for outdoor lights, be it a minimum or a maximum, we have price filters on every results page. You can easily tick some of the price ranges we put together, or create your own custom range by typing in the right amounts in the minimum and maximum boxes.

Get inspired and seek advice

2 piece lantern set by ascalon outdoor lighting

Wayfair UK can be a great resource when it comes to simply getting some inspiration. Whether you’re ready to shop for some outside lights or not, ideas are free and we offer plenty of those too. That’s why we’re always updating our Inspiration pages with fresh content every day on a variety of topics, including outdoor lighting. You can also find some of our most useful articles and guides listed under Ideas & Advice right here, on the left side above. Whether you need tips on how to choose the perfect exterior lighting for your home or you’re planning a party and want to quickly see some recommendations in terms of garden lights, we can light the way!

Seasonal Outdoor Lights and Outdoor Christmas Lights

outdoor christmas tree lights wrapped around a christmas tree in the garden

Need even more lighting inspiration for the holiday season? Wayfair UK's outdoor lighting department is your one-stop outdoor Christmas lights shop! Shop online to discover a wide range of outdoor rope lights, fairy lights, and decorative lights to help you light the way for Santa. Check out our entire selection of lighting buying guides here or head straight over to our outdoor lights buying guide to get the most up-to-date and factual information about how to install and take care of your lighting purchases. Whether you're wrapping string lights around a tree, putting up angels and light-up polar bears, or simply hanging fairy lights from your windowsill, shop online at Wayfair UK to find the Christmas outdoor lighting you'll love.