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Copperiffic Desk Mini Makeover

A few copper accents add shine in this desk mini makeover by blogger Lauren from lifestyle and travel blog, Tea & Post...

Thanks to some looming exams, it has recently come to my attention that my desk was in desperate need of a tidy and reorganisation. A workspace is supposed to be somewhere that you can sit down and complete your best work, where you can revise comfortably and feel motivated to write. Everything that the sad-looking desk in the corner of my room wasn't doing for me.

I'm currently toying with the idea of painting my room a light grey colour, to give it a little more energy than the current tired white. With this in mind, I chose some desk accessories that present a peaceful vibe and that will also match my colour scheme.

© Tea & Post

It's always nice to have some green in the room, which is why I chose this Mercury Row succulent to breathe a little life into the area. It's an artificial plant, which is perfect as I'm often quite busy and forgetful. No matter how good my intentions are, my plants don't tend to live for very long.

Scattered around the base of the plant are a few of my crystal stones as I like how the colours compliment the green and white. Having these accessible on my desk gives me the opportunity to pick them up and roll them between my fingers to relieve stress and to be reminded of their meanings. These ones in particular stand for good luck, growth, love, balance and courage.

A clock is an item that I'd consider to be essential within my workspace, as it helps me keep track of the time and the ticking sound it produces can be oddly relaxing. I haven't owned one that isn't installed within a computer or phone in a number of years and I've actually quite missed it. Having this big, gorgeous timepiece by Endon Lighting on my desk will also help with my timed practice papers that I often have to sit.

My pens and pencils are no longer chaotically strewn about, instead I've placed them in a little plastic desk organiser making it a lot easier for me to find what I need when I need it. I've also placed a little notebook on the right hand side of my laptop so I can scribble down anything I think of before it leaves my head.

© Tea & Post
© Tea & Post

Perhaps my favourite part of my desk at the moment is the area framed by some Endon Lighting globe bookends, where I've placed just a few of my favourite books. Having these at the end of my desk gives me something to turn to when I'm struggling with writer's block. Picking one up and having a quick browse lets me step away from whatever I'm working on at that moment and prompts new ideas—this really helps me when I can't move past something.

I've really enjoyed thinking about how I can best utilise the space I have to create a serene place to study and write. The copper accessories really brighten up my desk and they'll look perfect with the colours I have in mind for my room. I hope that if you're thinking of refreshing your workspace, this gives you a little inspiration for how you may like it to look or feel.

© Tea & Post
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Lauren Blenkinsop