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Mowing your lawn, raking the leaves, weeding the flower beds, watering the tomatoes, trimming the hedges... there are many enjoyable tasks in a garden and many tools you can buy. But where to store all tools, spare parts and all the colourful garden toys of your kids?

Whether you just want to tidy up your garden or protect your belongings, gardens sheds are a great option to provide a large amount of storage space in your garden.

Garden Shed Types and Features

wooden garden shed

Roof style: There are three main types of garden shed roof designs: pent, apex and reverse apex.

Pent roofs are simple, flat roofs that are higher on one side of the shed to allow rainwater to run off the roof easily.

Apex shed roofs are pitched roofs that have two roof sides that angle down either side from a ridge board. Rainwater can run off the roof on both sides of the garden shed. Reverse apex roofs are the same as apex roofs. The difference between these two types is the placement of the shed door. If the door is on the pointed, angled side of the shed, it is called an apex roof. If the door or doors are on the roof side, the roof type is called reverse apex.

Whether flat, pent or different types of apex roof, they all receive an extra layer of protection on top of them. Most of the times roofs are covered with roofing felt.

Cladding: Cladding has three different types to choose from. Overlap (sometimes called featheredge) is the most basic and usually most cost effective option. Here, the boards or slats simply overlap while they are stuck together with the more sophisticated options of tongue and groove and shiplap. Tongue & groove constructions have interlocking boards. Shiplap is simply an advanced version of tongue and groove and is by far the most popular cladding option for garden sheds on

Wood treatment: If you buy a wooden shed, there are two different types of wood treatment you can choose from: dip treated and pressure treated.


metal garden shed

The third option is plastic. Plastic is durable and often the most cost-effective option. If you need a cheap, moveable garden shed on the smaller side of things, a plastic shed might be the right choice for you. Some plastic garden sheds are designed to look like wooden sheds. This gives you a durable, fairly lightweight option to wooden or metal garden sheds that is still very pleasing to the eye and can fit in perfectly with the rest of your garden design and decoration.

Garden Sheds as Storage Space

storage shed

Fit your garden shed with hooks to store garden tools like spades, rakes or the spare hose. Add shelves, boxes and baskets for smaller items like pots, planters and saucers, flower bulbs, garden gloves and other smaller items. You can also store larger items like bags of potting soil, fertilizer or your lawn mower in the garden shed.

Install a table or workbench to repot your plants, prepare the seedlings for the greenhouse, clean your garden tools or repair the electric hedge trimmer on it.

Bike Sheds

bike shed