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Upcycled Wall Mirror Tutorial

Use this simple tutorial to upcycle any wall mirror in to a stylish and space-saving vanity area.

Image: Oh Hi DIY

If you're limited on space upcylcing a wall mirror with some added mason jars is the perfect way to turn it into a fully functioning dressing table! For this DIY I used a 'Past Times' Mirror from Alterton Furniture.

You'll need:

• Spray paint in your chosen colour
• 4x empty jars – I used 2 sizes of jar
• 4 x 70-100mm hose clips
• 4 screws
• Drill
• Masking tape
• Newspaper

Image: Oh Hi DIY

Step One:

Mask off the mirror and the hooks and lay the mirror on some newspaper.


The shabby chic finish of the Alterton mirror is lovely but the room that I needed the mirror for was decorated with white, black and teal accents.Cream wasn't the right colour for me, but if you don't want to spray paint yours just skip straight to stage 3.

Step Two:

Apply light layers of spray paint leaving a few minutes in between each coat.

Make sure you give the can a good shake beforehand, and hold it about 10cm away from the mirror when spraying (or as instructed on the label).

Last but not least, try to do this outside or in a well ventilated area to avoid breathing in the fumes.

Image: Oh Hi DIY

Image: Oh Hi DIY

Step Three:

Drill holes in the hose clips at the point you want it to meet the mirror (I did this directly opposite the clip but some people prefer these to be at the side).

Step Four:

Lay your jars onto the mirror so you can get the positioning just right. Mark out where the screws should go.

Step Five:

Line up the holes and your marks and screw the hose clips into place.​

Step Six:

Let out the first hose clip enough to slide the jar inside and then tighten into position. Repeat for the other 3 clips.​

Step Seven:

Hang it on the wall and load it up with your essentials!

Image: Oh Hi DIY