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Lights - they are so easy to overlook, but good lighting transforms a home. Our aim is to give you the widest possible range of lights, whether it be wall lights to create ambient lighting, classic ceiling lights or lamps, we've scoured the world to give you choice. Dive into a category such as ceiling lights, and we've got stylish pendants from Nordlux, traditional chandeliers from Endon Lighting or a huge range of spotlights from the likes of Searchlight. If you are looking for really extraordinary lights, have a look at the wonderful Murano glass range of ceiling lights from De Majo. Lights come in many shapes and sizes and many can be delivered to you next day, so we've set up filters on the left to allow you to search through to find your perfect light or lamp. Check out our lighting sales page or head over to regular and seasonal UK sales pages (Cyber Monday, Black Friday, etc.) if you are looking for special offers in lamps & lights.