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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

A Residence Blog

Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

My Home Rocks – An Open Plan Living Legacy

My Home Rocks Open Plan Living - Jane from Maflingo shares her gorgeous home with us!

If you have ever wondered how open plan living might change the way you live as a family, take a look at this beautiful and inspirational open plan space from Jane over at Maflingo, a new blog find packed with thrifty, creative and organised home ideas. Jane’s kindly sharing a couple of other room makeovers with us today, and a wonderful little legacy too, this home truly rocks! 

We moved into our 4 bedroom detached house in Nottingham in 2005. Although it’s a relatively new house it has some lovely features such as its double-fronted design, the wide entrance hall and large corner plot. It also has some nice touches like a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom.

The house wasn’t perfect, though. The kitchen was small for the size of the house, with French doors and large windows further limiting the worktop space and room available for cabinets. Furthermore, the dining room was disconnected from the kitchen, being at the front of the house, whereas the kitchen was at the back. Continue reading

House Fantasy – Glamping Inspired Bedroom

Glamping Inspired Bedroom

It’s been a summer of mini escapes for us this year, we’ve had the chance to glamp twice, once at Camp Bestival with Hotel Bell Tent, and once in an amazing field of circus striped bell tents in Worcestershire. To prolong the summer and maintain that feeling of glamour and romance , today my house fantasy is a glamping themed bedroom. I’ve also drawn inspiration from Somerset Yurts, which we were lucky to review a couple of years ago. Continue reading

How to create a multi-sensory home

How to create a multi-sensory home

Have you ever thought through all your senses when it comes to your home, or the sensory preferences of those you live with? Today Becky Goddard Hill walks us how to create a multi-sensory home – easy little changes that will lift everyone’s senses.

Very often we have a dominant sense which really impacts on how we create our home. For many people this is their visual sense and so how their home looks becomes their main concern.

In letting our preferred sense dominate we can often miss out on the pleasures of a multi-sensory home.

It’s important to think of visitors and other family members who may be impacted much more by fragrance or touch than perhaps you are.

Creating a multi-sensory home will help you feel more in touch with your home even if you weren’t previously aware that your other senses needed satisfying. Pleasing all five of your senses really will create a home that delights (all of) you.

Here are some ideas to show to create your multi-sensory home: Continue reading

How to Make a Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

Last week Elizabeth shared how to create a healthier home for a healthier mind, it reminded me how crafting something yourself for your home can be so satisfying and it has been a while since we had a craft post! So this week I invited Victoria from Owl and Accordion, whose crafts always seem so bang on trend and beautiful, to share her tutorial for a macrame style wallhanging. 

If you’ve got a plain wall that needs a bit of colour or pattern but you just can’t find that perfect print, don’t worry – there are plenty of great DIY options around for brightening things up. Wallhangings are hugely popular at the moment, and there are so many different styles to choose from; woven yarn, printed fabric with fringing, crocheted, knitted…. and if you’re into crafting, you can easily make your own. Today, we’ve got a tutorial for a super simple DIY macrame style version that you could easily make one rainy afternoon. Continue reading

Involving children in decorating could improve your relationship

Summer Fun-5

Do you let your kids get involved in decorating decisions when it comes to their bedrooms?  Really let them get involved? Writing about interiors I often witness children’s rooms that seem to say much more about the parent’s personality than the child’s. It’s all too easy to think you know what they want, I know I have been guilty of that, but new research from Dulux has revealed the benefits of parent and child working together on a bedroom design.

Decorating my 9yo daughter’s room a few months back we ended up with a Tardis wardrobe landing in a swarm of butterflies, but her space and nature themed blue room could not be more in tune with her passions. My son is 7 and his room has a pirate and shipwreck theme, he designed the sea monster wall art himself, made from old rope he found on the beach, it perfectly represents his vivid imagination and the Lego pirate ships he loves to build. Continue reading

Home, Craft, Play and Garden Inspiration from Camp Bestival

Home, Craft, Play and Garden Inspiration from Camp Bestival

We’re back from an amazing time at Camp Bestival! Today, I wanted to share some little inspirations for your home, garden and crafting fun, from the festival.  It’s such beautifully rich source of inspiration and I was snapping wildly so I would remember things to make and do.

For those who haven’t been or heard of Camp Bestival, it is the sister festival to Bestival, and is curated completely for families. The setting is stunning Lulworth Castle, Dorset, it’s a great site for a family festival, a beautiful castle and gardens and elevated with sandy soil which drains quickly, although the weather over the last five years has been sunny and dry, I’ve never ever seen those muddy scenes we’ve come to associate with other festivals.

I love that although there is always a gloriously retro music line up, there is also so much creative inspiration, my two always want to spend the whole time making things and I love joining them.

Continue reading

Over 100 Awesome Summer Fun Ideas

Summer Fun Ideas

It’s that point in the holidays where either steam is beginning to run out, or you’re too relaxed to care. Whether you are in need of inspiration or everything is unfolding just as it should, here are some lovely ideas to browse for when the kids complain they are bored. I always tell them they are seconds away from another great idea when they complain of boredom, but sometimes you have to be the one with a trick up your sleeve too! Continue reading

Creating a healthy space for a healthy mind

Creating a healthy space for a healthy mind

One of my favourite journeys on A Residence has been the quest to find out what makes a happy home, Elizabeth, who blogs at Rosalium, is one of the people who has inspired me to make self care a much bigger part of my home life. Today I’ve invited her to share her top tips on creating a healthy space, Elizabeth says these have been a game changer for her, I know they will benefit you too.

Most of us have probably heard of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, an art, science and belief system about arranging the objects in your home to encourage positive energies and thus bring good luck and fortune to the household. For thousands of years this practice in some forms has been carried out in homes throughout east Asia.

Whether you believe in the details of feng shui or not, there is something to be said about how the state of your home and living space can impact and influence your state of mind. Continue reading

How to play more with your dog, great games for dogs

How to play more with your dog, great games for dogs

Many dog owners are kept busy by dogs that can’t stop playing, chewing their way through shoes, socks, soft toys, anything they can get their paws on, but plenty of dogs also find the concept of play doesn’t come naturally. Today I am sharing some tips to help get your dog playing more with some insights into my attempts to get Max the greyhound to play more.

MORE TH>N challenged me to play more with Max the greyhound over a week. MORE TH>N have launched the #PlayMore pledge, they will donate £1 to the RSPCA for each pledge made here. This will help the RSPCA reach their £20,000 goal to build a sensory garden for rescue dogs and fund a cattery refurbishment.

Having been a racer, Max came to us in his retirement and seemed really happy to sleep a lot, walk and eat, with minimal interest in playing. The more I read up, the more I realised that although greyhounds aren’t the most playful breed, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Here’s what we learnt in our week of more play… Continue reading

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