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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

Trends: How to make a green wall, or living wall

How to create a living wall

Are you stuck for space to garden or hold houseplants but feeling ambitious and hungry for green? A living or green wall might be what you need.

When we went to Amsterdam earlier this year we stayed in this amazing eco hotel with the living wall you see above. I was amazed by it each morning and would stand there with my tea pondering it’s construction, the textures and colours were amazing and it really did make a difference having a green wall indoors – everyone seemed to want to stop and stay for longer in this hotel reception.

I’m not the only one who has been pondering, for my friends living in London it was the first thing they suggested when we were chatting about interior and garden trends. With less space than other areas of the country and more and more living walls popping up in communal spaces to bring a much need breath of fresh oxygen and a carbon dioxide, living walls are taking cities by storm.


How to make a Living Wall

Here’s a quick guide to getting started, from easy kits you simply buy plant and hang, to creating your own green wall from a palette.

What does a living wall do?

A living wall acts as a natural air filter, purifying the polluted air whilst releasing clean oxygen. There are health benefits galore from having clean air, it can also boost concentration.

Why have a living wall?

Green walls are healthy, make us closer to nature and make great homes for insects. They also look great and make spaces immediately more appealing and inviting. Green walls balance humidity levels and can also act as insulation in winter and keep homes cooler in summer. They also absorb noise. I had no idea there were so many different benefits.

A Quick and Easy Green Wall

For a simple start Veg Truck have a wall mounted planter system which comes in lots of fab colours.  Start with one or hang a few together to cover a larger area. This is a really quick and hassle free way to start your green wall. The pockets make it easy to move plants around. There are more elaborate systems you can buy, or professionals can design one for you, but this is a great place to start.


How to DIY a Living Wall


Another DIY method is to construct a large frame, attach a plastic sheet to the frame to protect the wall from leaks. Next attach a felt landscape membrane to the frame. Larger frames will need a hose above to water them.

How to make a Palette Living Wall


There are lot of useful tutorials out there to upcycle a palette into a living wall, this one really caught my eye.

Which plants work well in living walls?

The Royal Horticultural Society list the tops five plants for green walls: Heuchera, Thyme, Sedum, Carex and Ajuga. There are lots more ideas on their site. Introducing plants as plugs is likely to be most successful.

Would you or have you considered a green wall? Have you seen a cool living wall on your travels that has inspired you? 

Images Shutterstock: Grass and Flower Wall, Green Wall Exterior, Green Wall Tree Wall, Green Wall with Flora

Easy peasy Autumn Crafts, just add kids and nature!

Easy peasy Autumn Crafts, just add kids and nature!

This week I’m so excited that gardening expert Catherine, from Growing Family, is sharing her favourite Autumn crafts, gorgeous ideas inspired by being outdoors.

Summer may be traditionally the time to get outside with the kids, but I always find Autumn to be the most laid-back season for outdoor adventures and crafting.  The weather is still mild but the sun is gentle, the back to school vibe spurs us on to make the most of family time, and all around us nature is providing so much inspiration.

A trip outdoors in Autumn is the perfect opportunity for a spot of creative crafting, allowing you to bring some of that wonderful natural inspiration back home with you.  Here are some ideas for easy Autumn crafts that make the most of what nature has to offer. Continue reading

Happy Home: 10 easy ways to change your space for an instant happiness boost

Happy Home: 10 easy ways to change your space for an instant happiness boost

We’ve all fallen out of love with our homes, leafed through interior magazines and felt inadequate or wished our home looked like someone else’s social media posts. We may know in our heart that our homes should be about what makes us happy, not someone else, but if your surroundings don’t make you feel at home, it’s time to act. I learnt this recently when we decluttered our house ready to sell.

Home should be our sanctuary, our place to retreat from the world, to rest, have fun with our loved ones and to relax. It’s easy to put off building a happier home until we have more time or money, but it doesn’t need to take much of either to create a happy space, and many of today’s suggestions are completely free, or cheap. Continue reading

#MyHomeRocks – I Have This Thing For Floors

Do you have a thing with floors? The lovely Maxine from We Love Home blog gives us a tour of her seaside home for My Home Rocks.

We have a super inspiring My Home Rocks today, especially if you are thinking about making more of patterned floors or looking for inspiration to do up a house on a small budget. Meet Maxine, who has the exciting job of an Interior Stylist for magazines and TV shows – as well as being a fantastic interiors blogger at WeLoveHomeBlog.

I’ve been in my home for a year and a half. It has been a huge project of love. It needed making over from top to bottom – new kitchen, new bathroom, landscaping in the garden, knocking down of walls, painting….you name it, my home needed it doing. This was one of the main reasons I started my blog – I wanted to chart all my hard work with lots of befores and afters, as well as share my ideas on how to do up a house on a tiny budget! Continue reading

The School Admin Survival Guide (with a GSOH)

Drowning in back to school admin, losing your mind every morning and wondering why no one can ever find anything? Always forgetting school events? Aimee's humorous guide to surviving school admin as a parent

We have a fabulous guest post with a sense of humour today, with everything you need to know about surviving school admin, from author and blogger Aimee Horton at Pass The Gin and The Take.

It’s a new school year, and just like every September I swear that uniforms will be clean and laid out the night before, that I will be up earlier in the mornings so that not only will I exercise, but we will have a family breakfast, and the house will be immaculate by the time it’s time to leave for school.

PAHAHAHHAHAHHA. As I write this we’re on day four of the term and that’s already stopped.

However, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve cracked the family organisation side of things. Continue reading

Enamoured with Enamelware

Enamoured with lovely enamelware, enamel jugs, teapots, mugs, colanders, pans and tureens

Enamel ColanderGreen JugYellow Enamel Bunt Pot with Rim Flowered TureenEnamel Tea PotSaucepanBlue Bunt Jug,

There is something comforting about enamelware. We have an enamel water jug in the kitchen that always makes me feel at home, there’s an enamel mug on the worktop full of pens and I always pick the enamel colander over the sieve, although it is rusting and I am contemplating turning it into a hanging basket or even a lightshade (still haven’t bought one for my office!) Our red enamel roasting tins always warm up a Sunday and the vintage style laundry box means we don’t have to look at modern day washing powder packaging. Continue reading

Hello Amara Interior Blog Awards! Third Time Lucky?

My Office Makeover - 25

Yippee! A Residence blog is shortlisted in the Amara awards once more for Best Organisation Blog (as in blog written for an organisation, i.e. Wayfair, not best organised, although you will find a fair few posts about that too). I do need my lovely readers to help me here, so if you have found even the smallest smidgen of inspiration on these pages I would love it if you could please VOTE by Friday 9th September to help secure the blog’s place in the final. Third time lucky – A Residence has been a finalist in this category twice now. Continue reading

My Home Rocks – An Open Plan Living Legacy

My Home Rocks Open Plan Living - Jane from Maflingo shares her gorgeous home with us!

If you have ever wondered how open plan living might change the way you live as a family, take a look at this beautiful and inspirational open plan space from Jane over at Maflingo, a new blog find packed with thrifty, creative and organised home ideas. Jane’s kindly sharing a couple of other room makeovers with us today, and a wonderful little legacy too, this home truly rocks! 

We moved into our 4 bedroom detached house in Nottingham in 2005. Although it’s a relatively new house it has some lovely features such as its double-fronted design, the wide entrance hall and large corner plot. It also has some nice touches like a vaulted ceiling in the master bedroom.

The house wasn’t perfect, though. The kitchen was small for the size of the house, with French doors and large windows further limiting the worktop space and room available for cabinets. Furthermore, the dining room was disconnected from the kitchen, being at the front of the house, whereas the kitchen was at the back. Continue reading

House Fantasy – Glamping Inspired Bedroom

Glamping Inspired Bedroom

It’s been a summer of mini escapes for us this year, we’ve had the chance to glamp twice, once at Camp Bestival with Hotel Bell Tent, and once in an amazing field of circus striped bell tents in Worcestershire. To prolong the summer and maintain that feeling of glamour and romance , today my house fantasy is a glamping themed bedroom. I’ve also drawn inspiration from Somerset Yurts, which we were lucky to review a couple of years ago. Continue reading

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