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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

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Travel and adventure taking, memory and home making, parenting and play shaking, never faking, tales of family life.

How to Make a Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

Last week Elizabeth shared how to create a healthier home for a healthier mind, it reminded me how crafting something yourself for your home can be so satisfying and it has been a while since we had a craft post! So this week I invited Victoria from Owl and Accordion, whose crafts always seem so bang on trend and beautiful, to share her tutorial for a macrame style wallhanging. 

If you’ve got a plain wall that needs a bit of colour or pattern but you just can’t find that perfect print, don’t worry – there are plenty of great DIY options around for brightening things up. Wallhangings are hugely popular at the moment, and there are so many different styles to choose from; woven yarn, printed fabric with fringing, crocheted, knitted…. and if you’re into crafting, you can easily make your own. Today, we’ve got a tutorial for a super simple DIY macrame style version that you could easily make one rainy afternoon.

You will need:

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

Chunky cotton yarn in your chosen colours (we used DMC Natura XL in shades N09 and N52)

A piece of dowel

Three large wooden beads and two slightly smaller (you can find these for a few pounds on eBay)

Copper spray paint

A hacksaw

Sharp scissors

A yarn needle


1. Cut a length of dowel 30cm wide, and gently sand away any rough edges.

2. In a well ventilated area, spray your piece of dowel and two of the large wooden beads.

3. While the paint is drying, cut twelve pieces of grey yarn and three pieces of pink yarn, each 2m in length.

4. Once the paint is dry (it’s a good idea to leave it for 24 hours, just to make sure), lay your dowel on a flat surface and take your first piece of grey yarn. Fold it in half, then wrap the looped end over the dowel and pull the two ends through to create a knot. Repeat this process for another two pieces of grey yarn and then the pink, then carry on until you run out of yarn and all of the lengths are attached.

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

5. To create the first row of knots, gather your yarn together roughly 8cm from the dowel in groups of three, and tie a knot. Repeat along for the rest of the strands. This should leave you with five knots, each with tails of six strands of yarn.

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

6. To create the second row, separate the first six strands in half, threading one of your smaller plain beads onto the first three. Then take the remaining three strands, and knot them together with the first three strands from the next group. Repeat until you reach the last three, then thread on another small bead.

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

7. For the last row, simply repeat step five – you’ll find you end up with another row of knots in exactly the same place as the first row.

8. Push your three larger beads onto alternating groups of yarn, then trim the ends and hang up!

Quick and Easy DIY Macrame-Style Wallhanging

Involving children in decorating could improve your relationship

Summer Fun-5

Do you let your kids get involved in decorating decisions when it comes to their bedrooms?  Really let them get involved? Writing about interiors I often witness children’s rooms that seem to say much more about the parent’s personality than the child’s. It’s all too easy to think you know what they want, I know I have been guilty of that, but new research from Dulux has revealed the benefits of parent and child working together on a bedroom design.

Decorating my 9yo daughter’s room a few months back we ended up with a Tardis wardrobe landing in a swarm of butterflies, but her space and nature themed blue room could not be more in tune with her passions. My son is 7 and his room has a pirate and shipwreck theme, he designed the sea monster wall art himself, made from old rope he found on the beach, it perfectly represents his vivid imagination and the Lego pirate ships he loves to build. Continue reading

Home, Craft, Play and Garden Inspiration from Camp Bestival

Home, Craft, Play and Garden Inspiration from Camp Bestival

We’re back from an amazing time at Camp Bestival! Today, I wanted to share some little inspirations for your home, garden and crafting fun, from the festival.  It’s such beautifully rich source of inspiration and I was snapping wildly so I would remember things to make and do.

For those who haven’t been or heard of Camp Bestival, it is the sister festival to Bestival, and is curated completely for families. The setting is stunning Lulworth Castle, Dorset, it’s a great site for a family festival, a beautiful castle and gardens and elevated with sandy soil which drains quickly, although the weather over the last five years has been sunny and dry, I’ve never ever seen those muddy scenes we’ve come to associate with other festivals.

I love that although there is always a gloriously retro music line up, there is also so much creative inspiration, my two always want to spend the whole time making things and I love joining them.

Continue reading

Over 100 Awesome Summer Fun Ideas

Summer Fun Ideas

It’s that point in the holidays where either steam is beginning to run out, or you’re too relaxed to care. Whether you are in need of inspiration or everything is unfolding just as it should, here are some lovely ideas to browse for when the kids complain they are bored. I always tell them they are seconds away from another great idea when they complain of boredom, but sometimes you have to be the one with a trick up your sleeve too! Continue reading

Creating a healthy space for a healthy mind

Creating a healthy space for a healthy mind

One of my favourite journeys on A Residence has been the quest to find out what makes a happy home, Elizabeth, who blogs at Rosalium, is one of the people who has inspired me to make self care a much bigger part of my home life. Today I’ve invited her to share her top tips on creating a healthy space, Elizabeth says these have been a game changer for her, I know they will benefit you too.

Most of us have probably heard of the ancient Chinese practice of feng shui, an art, science and belief system about arranging the objects in your home to encourage positive energies and thus bring good luck and fortune to the household. For thousands of years this practice in some forms has been carried out in homes throughout east Asia.

Whether you believe in the details of feng shui or not, there is something to be said about how the state of your home and living space can impact and influence your state of mind. Continue reading

How to play more with your dog, great games for dogs

How to play more with your dog, great games for dogs

Many dog owners are kept busy by dogs that can’t stop playing, chewing their way through shoes, socks, soft toys, anything they can get their paws on, but plenty of dogs also find the concept of play doesn’t come naturally. Today I am sharing some tips to help get your dog playing more with some insights into my attempts to get Max the greyhound to play more.

MORE TH>N challenged me to play more with Max the greyhound over a week. MORE TH>N have launched the #PlayMore pledge, they will donate £1 to the RSPCA for each pledge made via Twitter or Facebook when you state you’re taking part in the @MoreThan #PlayMore pledge along with a photo of you playing with your pet. This will help the RSPCA reach their £20,000 goal to build a sensory garden for rescue dogs and fund a cattery refurbishment.

Having been a racer, Max came to us in his retirement and seemed really happy to sleep a lot, walk and eat, with minimal interest in playing. The more I read up, the more I realised that although greyhounds aren’t the most playful breed, you can teach an old dog new tricks. Here’s what we learnt in our week of more play… Continue reading

How setting intentions can bring balance to your life

Setting intentions each month brings balance and numerous improvements to life, discover insights into this gentle goal setting process.

As we move past the mid point of the year, our summer holidays are a perfect time to reflect, and to remember we still have five months ahead of us to achieve goals, regain control of life or to discover what makes us truly happy. Fellow blogger and all round wise woman Hello Its Gemma documents her intentions in wonderful words and pictures on her blog each month. Today she shares how the ways in which setting intentions has changed her life. 

What were your plans for this year? Much as I love August for holidays and adventures, there is a perceivable shift in the evening light, it draws in and while August is has a carefree feel, by the end of it, I will have one eye on organising back to school and bang! September is here, the leaves begin to change. Where did the year go? Continue reading

Happy and Home: Learning to appreciate home again

flower bucket

My quest to uncover what makes us happy and home takes the form of a really splendid guest post this week. After finding herself out of touch with her home, Becky from Colour Lovers shares how she took the time to appreciate home again.

The other day my partner asserted that I had become a human doing rather than a human being, rushing here and there scheduling endless outings and activities for the kids. He suggested we stop for a while and just be. After huffing about this I did actually sit for a moment and reflect and to be fair he was absolutely right. It had been a while since we had just had some time to just be at home and appreciate, enjoy and explore what we had there.

It had become in my mind, a place to eat, dress, do homework and work. It had become a functional practical place rather than a place to enjoy. I had stopped coming home with a smile. Continue reading

13 awe inspiring things to play with in the garden that aren’t toys

13 awe inspiring things to play with in the garden that aren't toys

This summer I am sure many parents will join me in nostalgically looking back and wishing they could give their children more freedom to roam. Holidays and days out afford children more outdoor playtime, but busy roads mean their roaming areas are nowhere near what their parents or grandparents had. But never fear, if you are confined to the back garden at times over the summer, stretch their imaginations with some more creative ideas for things to play with in the garden.

It’s not the same as running wild in the woods, but after years of having a lawn strewn with bits of plastic, our suburban garden seems to have come alive as a place to play since we cleared away the toys and let in things that aren’t toys. This list was inspired by watching some of the amazing things my son’s school incorporated into their playground, by trips to the beach and the fabulous outdoor play area at The National Trust’s Belton House. Continue reading

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